Kissing: A Field Guide by Violet Blue

source: free review copy via the publisher
Kissing: A Field Guide by Violet Blue
published: Cleis Press (February 11, 2014)
genre: non-fiction/self-help
pages: 131
rated 5 out of 5 for being sweet, informative and funny

Kissing is an art form. A great kiss can stop traffic, start a five-alarm fire, and feel like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Get your smooch on with all the different tricks and tips in this handy guide. Bestselling author and columnist Violet Blue helps readers choose β€” and perfect β€” their very own unforgettable kissing style. Learn how to time a kiss perfectly, how to deliver (and receive) a first kiss, and how to ask for kisses with body language. Recognize when someone wants to kiss you, when to build tension, and when to take your kiss to the next level. Discover all the secrets and foolproof techniques for the perfect kiss in this indispensable guide to an overlooked sensual art.

My thoughts:
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this fun little “how to” book put a smile on my face. Like violet Blue states “kissing is an art form” and she is right.

Within these pages you will find detailed kissing tips as well as information on how to identify different types of kissers, like the rock star and the yuppie and different types of kisses, like the good-bye kiss and the lusty kiss. Kissing do’s and don’ts are included as well as what to do when things go wrong during smooches, like biting too hard to finding the person is a bad kisser.

There is also a section, which had me giggling, about hazardous kisses, like the zombie kiss, “the most horrifying part of all: his mouth opens up into a gaping maw, threatening to swallow you whole”. p.62

All in all, a very cute and fun book with some great kissing tips. I think this one would make for a nice gift and as a coffee table read as well. Plenty to chat about here! Violet Blue knows what she is talking about.

The kiss that conquers all is your key to paradise-so it’s important to have a full arsenal of techniques at your disposal.
p. 63, Kissing: A Field Guide by Violet Blue

About the author
Ms. Violet Blue is an investigative tech reporter at CNET, Zero Day, ZDNet, and CBS News, as well as an award-winning sex author and columnist, making her the foremost expert in the field of sex and technology. She has authored and edited several award winning, best selling books in eight translations.

Disclaimer: This review is my honest opinion. I did not receive any kind of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. I received my free review copy of Kissing: A Field Guide by Violet Blue via the publisher.

13 thoughts on “Kissing: A Field Guide by Violet Blue

  1. What fun! This sounds like a helpful and funny book. πŸ™‚ I am glad you enjoyed it, Naida! Sounds perfect for this time of year.


  2. Reading about this made me smile. I think that there was a time when books like this were taken very seriously by young people.

    I agree that it sounds like a fun book for the coffee table.


  3. Hi Naida,

    A great book to have published a post about, so close to Valentine’s Day, although not one I shall be reading I’m afraid.

    Having checked out the author, I can safely say that this is probably the most modest of her books, given the erotic nature of many of the other titles in her portfolio. Even the cover art is staid by comparison, although I am wondering if she has tested all these kissing techniques for herself and I love it when you say she is an expert in the fields of sex and technology .. is that a combination of the two together, or are they separate disciplines, I ask myself … LOL!

    A fun review Naida, really made me smile πŸ™‚



    • Hi Yvonne. Yes, this author is an ‘expert in the field of sex’ lol! I’d think sex and technology and two separate fields…lol! πŸ™‚


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