Top Ten Tuesday 2/17/15 Ten Book Related Problems

This weeks TTT topic is: Ten Book Related Problems I Have (could be serious or fun!) local library...
……my local library……

What a fun topic this week. Here are my top 10….

1. Having to wait for the next book in a series.
When I was reading the Harry Potter books, the anticipation of waiting for the next book would drive me batty.

2. Not finding the time to read.
Life is busy and as much as I try to squeeze in some reading time, it doesn’t always happen. Either I don’t have the time, or I am just too mentally exhausted to sit and focus on reading.

3. A TBR mountain
I have books that I’ve been meaning to read that I purchased years ago and still have not gotten around to reading. There are two things I hoard, books and shoes. I have to say, I donate many to goodwill and to the library when they are accepting donations.

4. Non-Readers
I find it irritating when a non-reader sees me reading and asks me what the book is about, but it is really obvious they have no interest in my answer and are just making small talk. Then don’t ask.

5. Reading Interruptions
Do not interrupt my reading time. Thanks! The worst is co-workers in the break room. I would never bother someone who was clearly immersed in a book. “Do not interrupt someone who is reading” should be listed in an etiquette manual someplace.

6. E-Books
Not so much a problem, but more of an issue. The reason being that e-books are way too easy to buy and download! I’ll be looking through sales and new releases on my Nook and before I know it, I’ve purchased a few more books at an easy click while still in my pajamas in bed. I have a TBR mountain inside my e-reader as well.

7. Book Hangovers
Oh gosh, when I’m done reading a book that I loved and that had me on an emotional roller coaster ride, I will sit and think about it for a few days. I will try to talk about said book to other people, and the only form of comfort will be in finding others who have read the book and can relate to the hangover on finishing it.

8. The Library *see pic above
First let me say that my local library is about ten minutes drive from my home and it is nestled in the woods. Once you park, you have to walk over a little bridge to get to it. When inside, there are seating areas and tables facing large windows with a pretty view of the forest. The view is even lovelier during the Fall and Winter months when the leaves are changing or there is snow on the ground. Now my book related problem here is that my library is so comfy, cozy and inviting that when I go there I don’t want to leave and I always come home with too many books.

9. Choosing What to Read Next
I always find it difficult when choosing my next read only because there are so many options. There are so many books that look good, then the covers will just entice me even more and before I know it I will be mentally debating “this or that”.

10. The Dreaded DNF
The “Did Not Finish” is the polar opposite of #7, the book hangover. I really dislike settling into a book only to find myself not being able to finish it. This does not happen often but when it does, it sucks. Plus I really stick it out and I don’t like to give up on a book, which just makes it worse.

So, that concludes my 10 book related problems. What are some of yours?
We have freezing temps over here with the wind chills below zero degrees. It’s perfect reading weather.
Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.


disclaimer: Nothing here is available for download. I took the photo of the library in this post.

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday 2/17/15 Ten Book Related Problems

    • Hi Krystianna. Yes, those book hangovers are something else…lol. I never knew the term for that until I began book blogging. Then I had a name for the condition 🙂


  1. Such a fun topic, don’t you think? I enjoyed reading your post, Naida. I can relate to all on your list!

    Your #2 had me nodding vigorously. I wish we could have time devoted solely to reading. Your #5 is why I hide in a vacant office during my lunch break so as not to be disturbed. If the weather is nice, I sometimes will just sit in my car. I avoid the breakroom or sitting at my desk during my lunch break at all costs because of those interruptions you speak of.

    Enjoy your reading weather!


  2. Hi Literary, yes, I had fun whipping this list up yesterday since I had the day off work.
    So you can relate to hiding during lunch to read…lol! I know, I like to read in my car as well, but during these cold winter months I can’t sit out there. Sometimes I’ll sneak off to the conference room during my break to read uninterrupted, and I def give off the snob vibe when I do that lol but I don’t care.
    Enjoy your week 🙂


  3. Great list, Naida! I enjoyed reading it and am able to relate to many of your points. I love visiting libraries not only for the books bit for each individual atmosphere as well, but sad to say I’ve no time to visit them (plus Mt. TBR is waiting for me at home, lol).


  4. I love your list!

    The not enough time to read thing is huge for me.

    I actually have found that E Books have reduced my overbuying of books habit as I now only buy a book exactly at the time that I am ready to read it.

    As for my TBR, I am not exaggerating when I say that it has exceeded what I can read in my lifetime.


    • Hi Brian, there are never enough hours in the day, and that is okay. I read when I can.
      That’s good that e-books have you buying only when you are ready to read.
      I know, there is no way I can finish my TBR or wishlists in a lifetime. Especially since I keep adding to it. There are new favorites yet to be written.
      Thanks for stopping in!


  5. Hi Naida,

    I can relate to 2,3,4,5, and 6 exactly, which isn’t bad going!

    I don’t know that I can come up with another 5 of my own, but here goes ..

    1.All books should be stand alone stories – I don’t have the time or inclination to become embroiled in a series and I hate a story without a defined ending!

    2. How to keep on top of my review list – I am okay at reading and writing promotional posts for a book, however reviews are really difficult for me to get my head around and I am way behind with them.

    3. Parting with books once I have read them – I never read a book twice, so will generally try to pass on any physical books to family members, friends, or charity shops – but do you know how difficult that can be?

    4. Damaging books – I can’t stand it when people bend back the spines of books when they are reading them – almost as bad is turning down the page corners rather than using a bookmark – highlighting or writing in books is a definite no no!

    Oh Dear! number 5 is totally eluding me right now, but my excuse is that it has been a long and busy day and it is now 11.15pm, so I’m off to my bed!

    Thanks for a great post, it was fun 🙂


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    • Hi Yvonne, thanks for posting your list here!
      I can relate… “I don’t have the time or inclination to become embroiled in a series” <- exactly! I tend to shy away from anything series related but I will make some exceptions if the book is a stand alone read.
      Now as for #4, I know I've said it on blog land that my favorite books are spine broken and dog eared, I do tend to do that. I cannot take it however, if a book is dirty in any way. I've had to replace a book or two that I lent out to friends and came back with coffee/grease stains 😦 I cannot take it when a book is dirty, it's almost an OCD thing with me and it is ironic that I find dog earring fine! lol
      I don't think I will ever catch up with my review list, but I have resigned myself to that. I now just read at my own pace and don't stress over it.
      Enjoy your weekend!


  6. What a great list! I can identify with many of those – especially the e-reader problem. I’m about 99% an e-reader now and it’s way too easy to shop for books with that device in my hands. I’ve been good lately, though, and sticking to “buying” freebies.


    • Yvonne, I have so many books on my Nook, but I rarely get to them. It is nice though that they offer freebies. I check free Nook Fridays every week.


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