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Hello everyone. Today I would like to welcome author Denise K. Rago to my blog. Denise is one of the authors I am happy to have met via book blogging, not only does she pen intriguing paranormal romance, she is a sweet person as well.

Denise is the author of the Immortal Obsession series. I have read Immortal Obsession and Blood Tears and enjoyed both. I recommend the Immortal Obsession reads to fans of vampires, romance and paranormal intrigue. These are books that take you from 18th century Paris to modern-day New York and I was happily swept away as I read them.
Please join me in welcoming Denise here today as she answers my nosey questions.

BW: Welcome back to my blog Denise and thank you for taking the time to stop by and chat. Please tell us a bit about yourself.
DKR: I have worked in Special Education for 25 years as well as receiving a Master’s Degree in Museum Professions. I am passionate about art history, reading, the French Revolution and of course, vampires. I have kept journals since high school and have always wanted to write novels.

BW: Can you tell us a bit about the Immortal Obsession series and how it was ‘born’?
DKR: I talk a lot about the experience in interviews and on my website. I had a paranormal experience in which I encountered a man who had all the physical attributes of my vampire Christian Du Maure. When we said hello I fell into his dark eyes and sense a familiarity I could not explain. I later discovered that my husband “saw” a completely different person and that I had been “shown” the character I was to write about. He is a spirit guide who guides all of my writing and someone I have known in a past life.

BW: What is your writing process?
DKR: I see and hear my characters speaking and so I write down what they say. I try to outline my books but it only works once I am into the story when I need to keep track of everyone’s whereabouts! I basically know what has to be said between characters and how the story needs to go. Sometimes they do surprise me though.

BW: What is the biggest obstacle you face when writing your books?
DKR: Not having large chunks of uninterrupted time to write. I need to feel relaxed and clear headed to write and there are times during year when work or family obligations take priority over my writing. I am always writing notes though and I eventually incorporate them into a chapter.

BW: In Blood Tears, the main cast of characters, Christian, Michel and Amanda do some things (I won’t mention what exactly so as not to spoil anything) that made me wonder about these characters true feelings. What brought about this twist in the storyline this time around?
DKR: I cannot stress enough how obsessed Christian is with Josette Delacore. He has never gotten over his guilt over leaving her in Paris during the French Revolution or her death. When a series of events leads him to believe she may be alive he must go where the clues lead and that is back to Paris. He is not rational when it comes to his love for her. At the same time, he has suppressed so much of himself over the last century that when he meets Sarah he cannot control himself and the floodgates open.
Overall, the characters are unraveling and in their confusion and fear they do very human things. Amanda turns to the person closest to Christian as she has no one else and that personal is the vampire Michel. She knows that their love for Christian has created a bond between them and it is her hope that she can convince Michel to help her find Christian but Michael is unpredictable and non-committal so we shall see where their relationship heads to in book three.

BW: Your books remind me a bit of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and you have previously mentioned that you love Anne Rice’s work, who are your other favorite authors?
DKR: I thank you for the compliment. I love Anne Rice. Other authors I habitually read are John Connolly, Sharon Bolton, Stephen King and Ronald Malfi. Though these authors write thrillers/mysteries and horror I do read a lot of popular novels too. I hate to confess I remember the title of a good book easier than the authors’ name.

BW: Thank you for stopping by Denise. It has been a pleasure. It is always interesting getting to know more about the author behind the work.

On a final note, as I mentioned before I have read and reviewed both of Denise’s books over at my former blog. My reviews are still up, you can see those on Goodreads here and here.
One of the things that drew me into these books was the setting. Denise’s love of the French Revolution and of art shine through in her work. The way she describes Paris, New York and these immortals, with vivid and rich descriptions is enjoyable to read. The characters are intriguing and I can always appreciate a well written vampire story.

“She was a swirling mass of contradictions. how could someone so beautiful and well-mannered be so direct, so sensual? Who was the girl underneath the intelligent eyes and warm smile of a woman?”
p.164, Blood Tears by Denise K. Rago

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13 thoughts on “Author Interview and Spotlight Denise K Rago

  1. Naida,

    Very interesting interview! I enjoyed learning about Denise K. Rago and her writing process. The author’s work sounds wonderfully atmospheric. I will keep her books in mind.


  2. This is great interview.

    In particular I find that the description of the writing process to be very interesting. II have heard many writers answer this question. t really seems that there is so much variation among authors when asked this question.

    Hearing the characters speak and writing what they say seems like a logical and intuitive way to write.

    One fascinating thing that does seem very common is characters surprising their own creators.


    • Thank you Brian. Yes, I enjoy hearing about different authors writing processes too. It’s a unique thing.
      I have heard writers say their characters take a life of their own somewhat.


  3. I like the sound of these books–and enjoyed reading the interview with the author. Thank you for bringing it to us, Naida. My brother doesn’t write, but he is a special education teacher. It’s always interesting to read about an author’s background. I will definitely be looking for these.


    • Hi Literary. I do give lots of credits to teachers, especially in the special education field. Thanks for stopping in.


  4. Hi Naida,

    I always enjoy it when an author is prepared to give an interview, or offer up a guest post for publication. Just about every such article has been interesting and so unique, with no two authors having the same take on a situation.

    I have only read one paranormal / vampire story ‘Kiss Of The Butterfly’ by James Lyon and much of that was based on documented fact. I really enjoyed that particular book, but the genre isn’t really one of my favourites, so whilst I found both the premise of Denise’s stories to be intriguing and your excellent interview informatve and interesting, this probably isn’t an author for me.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂



    • Hello Yvonne.
      Yes, writing is such a personal thing.
      I remember your posting about Kiss Of The Butterfly. Thanks for stopping in!


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