Thoughts on a Saturday: The Love of Running etc.

IMG_20150910_051157 (655x800)

“There is nothing quite so gentle, deep, and irrational as running–and nothing quite so savage, so wild.”
― Bernd Heinrich

Good morning everyone. I was doing some blog hopping this Saturday morning and was inspired by Yvonne after reading her teaser post. She is reading Flowers For The Dead by Barbara Copperthwaite, which sounds very good, and the lines she shared were about the protagonist and her enjoyment of running.
I know that some of my fellow blog friends are runners, like Brian and Susan. I feel like there is a special understanding between runners, it is almost like they know both the joy and the pain of it.

I have been a runner since high school and I can thank my mom for that, who took to running when I was about 12 years old and now in her 60’s still runs and for that matter outruns my daughter and myself. It is just what my mom does, it is such an ingrained part of her, being a long distance runner. What is really nice is that my daughter caught the love of running as well so the two of us run weekly together, and sometimes my mom runs with us.
My daughter and I will either run on the school track, through our neighborhood, or sometimes we will go to our favorite county park which has connecting trails perfect for running. Either way, it is really nice to spend the time together and we encourage one another to keep on going.
IMG_20150920_130844 (640x800)
On the track a few weekends ago with my daughter.

running (800x800)
A runners view. I took this photo in August during the gold hour after our run.

On another note, I am re-reading a short story by Joe Hill and Stephen King for R.I.P. today. I will be finishing up The Idea of Love and A Small Indiscretion this week, each of which I have about 100 pages or so left of. I want to get caught up on my reading because next Saturday is Dewey’s 24 hour read-a-thon and I have cleared my Saturday for that.

Happy weekend, what are you up to?

Nothing in this post is available for download. These photos are all my own to remove them from this page would be a copyright violation.


17 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Saturday: The Love of Running etc.

  1. I love that photo. It’s beautiful.

    Enjoy your reading and Dewey’s 24 hour read-a-thon. I’ve always wanted to do that but haven’t had a chance.

    I’m spending my weekend trying to catch up on reading and my TV shows. Have a great weekend!

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  2. Thanks for the mention Naida.

    Indeed there is a shared experience among those of us who run. I have been running about six years when as I like to describe it, I freed myself from the tyranny of the gym.

    Have fun with the Read – A – Thon. Will you be tweeting or blogging as you go?

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    • Hi Brian. I feel the same way about the gym. And I just feel more free running outside.
      The read-a-thon was fun this time around again, and I try and update as I go. It’s ncie to see people tweeting and instagramming updates because when that event first began years ago, I don’t even think Instagram existed.


  3. I love that you and your daughter run together! I hope that someday when my daughter gets older that we will be able to do the same! It sounds like you have a great Sunday planned…..I hope you enjoy! Have a great week Naida!

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    • HI Iliana. Yes, it’s not easy and when I first started, it took me a while to run a mile without stopping. And if I take time off, like during the winter months, I have to work up to it again.


  4. Love that scenery photo! I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been running much nowadays… too many things on hands but I do wish I’ve some time for it, though.

    Hope you’ve a great weekend!

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  5. Hi Naida,

    Thanks for the lovely mention, I appreciate that 🙂

    My brother is the runner in our family, although he never really discovered his passion for it until he hit almost 50 and became a live kidney donor for my SIL. Since then (almost 6 years ago), he has run a couple of half marathons and both he and my niece (who gave birth three weeks ago), have places in next year’s London Marathon in April, where they will be running for Kidney Research.

    I think it is great that your daughter chooses to run with you and that you have the opportunity of using the track, so that at least you can both keep safe.

    Readathons don’t really interest me, I’m afraid, as I just couldn’t see myself reading for an entire day, to the exclusion of the weekend chores I generally have lined up. I think that would have been one of the 10 things for my list, in your last post.

    I hope that you have some great books lined up for Saturday and most of all, enjoy yourself 🙂


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    • Hi Yvonne. Wow, way to go for your brother and your niece! That is awesome. And running for a great cause too.
      I can’t seem to resist the read-a-thon, and its twice per year. I try to clear my schedule for it and do pretty well with it. It’s a tradition for me that I’ve been doing since I first started blogging several years ago. This time I tried getting my daughter to read all day, but she wasn’t having that lol. I’ll try again in April 🙂


  6. Naida, I was away this weekend and stopped by your blog this morning (after my run!) to see what I missed. Thank you for the mention!

    Your photos are beautiful. I was lucky to run with one of my daughters regularly this summer. It was a strenuous joy. Now she is away, but luckily I have other people to run with sometimes, including my hubby (who likes to bring our dog, Daisy), and a younger friend.

    Enjoy your week, Naida, and fellow bloggers. I have been away from blogging for a few days but will hopefully catch up soon. 🙂

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    • Hi Susan. Hope you enjoyed your morning run! We are still having nice weather here for running, before it gets too cold out.
      A “strenuous joy” is the perfect way to describe running with a loved one. That is nice that hubby runs with you too. It’s such a solitary thing running, but I like to have the company. I feel like we push each other on.


  7. I think it is wonderful you and your daughter are able to run together. What a great bonding experience it must be! I am not a runner. Do not like to run. Walk, yes. I love to walk. But no running for me. My husband has taken up running off and on and it’s something he doesn’t really like to do no matter how much he does it. My brother on the other hand, he loves it.


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