Killing The Love

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Seeing how April is National Poetry Month, I wanted to share a few of my favorite poems these few weeks.  I like Anne Sexton so much because her poetry is so raw. She put it all out there and there is something to be said for that. Her poems are passionate and intense.

A snippet from a favorite of hers called “Killing the Love”. 

I am the love killer,
I am murdering the music we thought so special,
that blazed between us, over and over.
I am murdering me, where I kneeled at your kiss.
I am pushing knives through the hands
that created two into one.
Our hands do not bleed at this,
they lie still in their dishonor….

Read the poem in its entirety here:

What do you think of this one? Do you have a favorite Anne Sexton poem, or a favorite by another poet?

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day.

The photo above is my own and not to be removed from this post.

8 thoughts on “Killing The Love

  1. Thanks for posting this. I clicked on the link and read the entire poem. Though I am trying to figure some of it out I I like it a lot.

    I have not read Sexton before but I would like to read more of her work.

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    • Hi Brian, I discovered her through a review request last year and her poems moved me. They demand attention I think. Thanks for stopping in, I’ll be doing some blog visiting this weekend.


  2. I’ve been trying to add more poetry to my literary diet this month! I haven’t read much by Anne Sexton but I loved this one you shared. Should definitely look for more of her poems!

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