Sunday Post 9/17/17 Stephen King, Jane Austen, crochet etc.

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog…

Good morning everyone. It’s a warm, cloudy Sunday here today.
I had a busy week but I finished reading Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman. My review will be up soon.

I have a bit of a King and Jane Austen themed post today. I pre-ordered my copy of Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and his son Owen King this week.


Also, I received an ARC of Strange Weather: Four Short Novels by Stephen King’s other son, Joe Hill from Library Thing.


And I went to see IT on Friday night. It was different from the old mini-series and from the book, but still good. I found this Pennywise to be the scariest and the child actors did a great job. This film is part one, part two should be out next year.

On a Jane Austen note, my sister-in-law got married last week and she had a Jane Austen themed wedding/reception. It was really pretty. Close family went out to the botanical gardens for wedding photos early that day.

Then at the reception each table was named after a fictional Austen estate and she and the groom had Pemberley of course, and I requested our table to be Longbourn. She ordered old books from and set a few up at each table along with quotes from the books. One of the funny moments was when my mom asked me if I lent my sister-in-law all those books for all the tables.

The background music was beautiful as well for the reception, instrumentals, violins playing modern tunes is how I’d explain it. It all had a vintage English countryside look and feel. Then of course, we had a wonderful time dancing, eating, drinking and enjoying the party till midnight.



On a crochet note, I finished up my black infinity scarf last week and have been wearing it already since it’s cool in the mornings and it is also cold in the office. I used Red Heart With Love and it’s so warm and soft, I love it. I have a pink skein, I’m planning to work up a hat.

IMG_2692 (420x315)

IMG_2700 (315x420)
That’s all for now, enjoy your Sunday. What are you up to?


Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is available for download. The photos are my own.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Post 9/17/17 Stephen King, Jane Austen, crochet etc.

  1. I’ve read and enjoyed Joe Hill’s work before. I hope you enjoy his latest. It does sound good! Sleeping Beauties seems to be very popular right now. I hope it turns out to be good as well! I am glad you enjoyed the new IT. I was talking to a coworker the other day about it (neither one of us has seen it), and she said her daughter and friends who saw it thought it was the funniest movie. I hadn’t heard that about it, but I guess you never know how a person will react.

    I love the idea of a Jane Austen themed wedding! I don’t think I’d have the patience or skill to pull that off, but it sounds delightful! Congratulations on the marriage!

    I hope you have a wonderful week! The clouds have moved in here too. Mouse had wanted to go to the park, which we may still do. Take care!

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    • Hi Wendy. It’s a King themed reading month for me and I like it 🙂 IT was really good, it was funny too, the kids bring humor to it. I recommend it!
      Thanks and the JA themed wedding was really nice. Have a great week with Mouse.


  2. Happy Sunday, Naida! The Austenesque wedding must have been wonderful. The King books and movie are enticing. I hope to see It (my hubby’s reluctant). The infinity scarf looks gorgeous, Naida. What a terrific post!

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  3. Hi Naida,

    The wedding sounds amazing and quite unique, I don’t think I have come across JA as a theme before. The table cards are beautiful and the flowers look so natural. Did your sister-in-law do the full period piece and have the bone china, floral tableware as well? and what about the dress?

    We haven’t been to see IT yet, as hubbie is never very keen about going to the cinema. Friends have said how good it is though, so I am still hoping to persuade him. You mentioned that this was only part one of the film though, which none of my friends have spoken about. Does that mean that IT still works well as a stand alone, or is pretty obvious that the ending has been left open for a follow-up film?

    Autumn has also definitely arrived here, with last week’s weather being absolutely awful. This week promises to be calmer and slightly warmer, but as I sit here at 5.30am, I am noticing a distinct chill in the air! I could do with one of your scarves righ now 🙂

    Have a great week 🙂


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    • Hi Yvonne. The JA theme was really nice and elegant. She didn’t have the bone china table settings, the venue provided their own table settings and she left it at that. Funny enough I don’t think aside from myself anyone realized it was a JA theme. I asked around and no one knew and most guests didn’t even know who JA was. My hubby and kids knew about it since my sister in law has been planning the wedding for almost a year and I’d been helping her look online for Austen themed wedding ideas etc. Plus we are close knit so we helped out and hubby gave a speech at the reception as well.

      The color scheme was lavender and ivory. The wedding cake was beautiful and simple and looked like something straight out of an Austen novel. If I get a pic, I’ll post it with a Sunday update. Her dress was also simple, to suit the brides style. It was white and flowy, with little pearls and floral design all on the heart shaped front. She wore flats with it, with pearls on the top front of the shoes to match.

      If you get to see IT I’m curious to hear your thoughts on it. The movie works fine as a stand alone, but the second will feature the kids as adults. At the end, it says “Chapter 1” or “Part 1” or something like that so you know it’s not over.

      I hope you enjoy your weekend there. It’s going to be hot here, summer-like weather. 🙂


      • Thanks for the description of the cake and dress, both sound beautiful and in keeping with the JA theme.

        I have to admit that if anyone bookish I knew went with the theme, probably no one else would realise either – cultural heathens that they are !!

        Happy Reading 🙂


  4. I also saw It this weekend. I loved it. I read many, but not all of King’s early novels, but It was one that I missed.

    The Jane Austen themed wedding idea is so cool! Your sister – in – law has great taste and a great imagination!

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