First Lines 2017


Happy 2018! It is 10 degrees outside today. So there’s that. I will be spending the day in my pajamas warm at home enjoying my day off, alternating reading The Duchess Deal by the fabulous Tessa Dare and watching episodes of the new season of Black Mirror on Netflix. I chose the Dare book as my first read of 2018 because I know it will be good.


Onto The First Lines Meme, which I first heard of through my blog friend Suko and is hosted over @ The Indextrious Reader :

As usual at this time of year, I review and share my reading/blogging year with First Lines.

Simply put, we share the first line of the first post of each month and see what that overview tells us about our year. Often it can be an uncannily accurate summary.

Here are my First Lines of 2017:

Among the Lost (In Dante’s Wake) is book 2 in Seth Steinzor’s trilogy based on Dante’s Inferno.

Happy Saturday everyone, Spring is in the air here with unseasonably warm weather this past week.

Things We Lost in the Fire is a quiet, intense and at times disturbing collection of 12 short stories.

This weeks topic was harder than I thought it would be.

Good morning everyone 🙂 I hope you’re all doing well.

I finished reading Crescendo last week and I am still thinking about it.

Hello blog friends, I have been MIA and missed you all these few weeks but I did manage to read I Am Legend and wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Hello everyone, please join me in welcoming Linda Broday author of Knight on the Texas Plains as she stops by today while on virtual tour to discuss her writing space.

Happy Sunday everyone, September is here and I am ready for Autumn.

Good morning blogland, can you believe the first week in October is already over?

I randomly decided to re-read The Dead Zone not too long ago.

Hello everyone, December is here!


It was fun taking this little trip down blogging memory lane. What were your fist lines of 2017? What is your first read for the new year?

20 thoughts on “First Lines 2017

  1. I would be spending my day in my pajamas today if my mom wasn’t visiting. She’s a stickler for getting dressed. You’d think I would do my own thing at my age regardless, but even at 40+ years old, I’m still swayed by my mother’s “rules”. LOL

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year! Enjoy The Duchess Deal!

    (I need to remember to do the First Line meme–I always forget).

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    • Hi Wendy 🙂 Awww that’s nice you still listen to your mom. I hear you, I’m the same way. I’m 41 and my mom still gets me and my sister the same Christmas present, like when we were little. So we don’t get jealous over who gets what, even though we are wayyy past that stage in life lolol. I swear 🙂
      I hope you have a happy new year and happy reading! Duchess Deal is great so far 🙂


  2. Hi Naida,

    Another of those many memes I haven’t come across before, and if I don’t get the opportunity to add my own post in this year, is one I shall be book marking for next year.

    The temperatures have been about 10C over here today, which converts to about 50F in your measurements. However, the wind has been very keen and biting, so it has definitely been an indoors day.

    I shall be pleased when we are all back to normal tomorrow, as I have spent the entire day thinking it is Sunday and not Monday.

    Your book is quite a chunkster in comparison to most bodice rippers, although I do quite like the original twist to the storyline, which sets it apart and above some of its contemporaries.

    Happy Reading 🙂


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    • Hello Yvonne. I like the First Lines one myself, it’s fun looking back. Oh my gosh, it is soooo cold out and will be getting colder still plus we have flurries coming this week. Yes, when the wind is going it makes it feel colder.
      I always do that too, I kept thinking today was Monday all day lol. At least tomorrow is Wednesday already. Duchess Deal is really entertaining and I’m glad I chose to pick my copy up as my first read this year. I’m about halfway through even though it’s a little longer, it reads quickly.
      Enjoy your week! and stay warm 🙂


  3. The first lines meme is really neat. It is a nice way to encapsulate the year.

    I also spent the last two days relaxing. It is also very cold here on Long Island.

    Happy New Years!

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  4. I love how you did your First Lines post! Happy New Year, Naida! I hope the cold weather doesn’t get any worse this winter. I ‘ve had a very busy but good holiday season. Now, I hope to relax!

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  5. Oh brr, that is cold. I’m sitting here complaining because we’ve been in the 20s/30s and that is not very typical for us. Stay warm and most of all Happy New Year! Hope it’s fabulous!

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