Sunday Post 3/31/19: Spring has Sprung and Goodbye March

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog…

Hello all and goodbye March. Yes.


I’m sorry if I seem snarky on my updates posts lately gif-wise, but I am so happy to welcome Spring I can’t help myself. Get out of here Winter.

This past week flew right on by as usual. The temps are getting milder, which prompted a day trip to Philadelphia. My March reading was pretty bad. I just could not get into the groove. I have a review scheduled for tomorrow though. I swear, my blog is not just updates posts, there are reviews in here also.

Onto my updates….

I don’t have a mailbox this week but that is okay with me, I have a few reviews coming up for April and with the 24 hour read-a-thon this coming Saturday I’m hoping to read at least one full book on that day.  Are you participating?

Coming Soon:
My thoughts on The Disgraceful Lord Gray (The King’s Elite Book 3)
by Virginia Heath will be up tomorrow perfect timing to kick off the month of April.

I also finished Gone Girl so my thoughts will be up on that soon.

Sharp Objects the mini-series based on the Gillian Flynn novel. It was good, I think making it into a mini-series worked better than making it into a film would have. The author helped produce the series and the casting was well done.

As I mentioned, with the weather getting a little nicer, I planned a day trip to Philadelphia and we went to see the famous Rocky Steps. While there we tried going to see the Liberty Bell, but the line was just way too long. It pretty much went all the way along the block and there were horse drawn carriages for tourists there which bothers me. I don’t like to see the horses treated that way. So we decided to skip the bell and walked on. It was a nice day out with good food and great weather in the upper 70’s.



IMG_9986 (400x600)

We walked along a section with small shops and I found an indie yarn shop that was just gorgeous. I controlled myself, although I wanted to purchase everything I touched there.



That wraps up my updates for this week. What have you been doing? Watching? Reading? Enjoy your week 🙂


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29 thoughts on “Sunday Post 3/31/19: Spring has Sprung and Goodbye March

  1. Girl, I’m with you on saying bye to March! I am excited about a new month but just wish I could find more time for everything. Maybe I need a class in time management – ha! Now, did you buy anything at the indie yarn shop? 🙂

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    • Yay to Spring. Ugh, I took a class in time management for work lol. I liked some of the tips.
      I was good, I did not buy anything at the Indie yarn shop because I had recently gone yarn shopping near home since my niece is having a baby and she wants a blanket plus I’m making a shawl so I bought yarn for that along with the baby yarn. But now I know where that yarn shop is if I ever am near there lol.
      Enjoy your weekend!


  2. I used to love readathons, but I haven’t been able to participate in one since having kids. They require too much constant attention, and I don’t want to ignore them all day, haha. I envy those of you that get to do them! I know there will be a future where I can do them again, but that means my kids will be older, which also makes me sad. I love the little monsters. Good luck to you!

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

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  3. It looks like you had a nice trip to Philadelphia.

    I am also very happy that the weather is changing. I am looking forward to the warmer temperatures myself.

    I am curious as to what you think of Gone Girl.

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  4. Hi Naida,

    March has been quite mild here in the UK, however the beginning of April looks as though it is going to be very unsettled and much colder. Hopefully it will brighten up later in the month, especially over the Easter weekend, as it is our 40th wedding anniversary on Easter Sunday and we hope to spend the day out and about some of our old haunts, with family time on the Saturday and Monday.

    One of our neighbours is away on a ‘boys only’ trip to Philadelphia right now, where they are planning to go watch a ‘Phillies’ baseball game, amongst other things. Stag parties are definitely becoming more elaborate (and definitely more expensive) all the time!

    Yarn shops are treated pretty much the same way as book shops by me, I’m afraid. I tend to avoid them at all costs, as I would never be able to resist temptation. The yarns do look stunning, although I still can’t quite get used to seeing skeins of wool, as opposed to the balls we buy over here. Skeins were pretty much fazed out several decades ago, with the exception of some of the imported yarns.

    I always enjoy your update posts and I wouldn’t worry about filling your blog with them. You generally mention your reading and feature books as they cross your desk and I for one, like your style of writing. People like reading about other people and their lives!

    Have a great reading week and I am pleased that you enjoyed your day out, the pictures look great 🙂


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    • wow Yvonne, Happy 40th! Congratulations, that is awesome, I hope you enjoy the special day with your husband.
      Yes, bachelor/bachelorette parties can get pricey and elaborate. Philadelphia was an interesting place to visit.
      Interesting about the skeins. I did enjoy looking at the wool there, it was so pretty and colorful. She also had cashmere blends. I was good and resisted the temptation mainly because I was just at the yarn shop near home buying baby yarn since my niece is having a baby so I’ll be working on that plus I want to finish my sweater and a shawl.

      aww thank you, I know people like reading about other people and what’s going on in their lives lol. I always feel like I ramble but it is therapeutic in a way, posting updates and it’s a good way to keep organized as far as the mailbox updates, since I tend to go back and refer to those for upcoming review dates.

      Have a nice weekend, i hope the weather is good and you get to relax.


  5. So we don’t have four seasons here but I can imagine how pretty Spring is, and so does Autumn. You’ve some great pics there, Naida. I’m sure you’d a wonderful time.


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