No-one Ever Has Sex on Holiday by Tracy Bloom

no onesource: free copy courtesy of NetGalley/Bookouture
title:  No-one Ever Has Sex on Holiday
author: Tracy Bloom
published: July 29th 2019
genre: romantic comedy/humor
pages: 209
first line: Katy pulled up outside her house just after nine o’clock at night.
rated: 4 out of 5 stars
Get ready to enjoy your first holiday abroad with small children. Highlights include: being woken at 5 every morning and working a gruelling day in unbearable heat chasing kids around the pool with a bottle of sunscreen. Added features: screaming during mealtimes and toddlers moaning about sand. Absolutely no sex guaranteed or your money back!

Katy and Ben and their four closest friends are going to Spain for a week with their kids. Sun, sex and sangria? Almost certainly not.

The couples think they are prepared for all the joys and trials a family holiday has to offer but they have a shock coming, and not only from the kids. Into their first day by the pool crashes Ollie, who has just been dumped by his girlfriend, and Cassie, on her hen party holiday but having serious doubts about her impending marriage. A recipe for a relaxing week abroad? Let’s wait and see…

my thoughts:

No-one Ever Has Sex on Holiday by Tracy Bloom was fun from start to finish and I breezed through this one pretty quickly. I am a seasonal reader so this was the perfect summery read during these hot July days. This book is part of a series by Tracy Bloom and my second time reading this author. I read No-one Ever Has Sex on Christmas Day and enjoyed it as well. Both work fine as stand alone reads.

The series centers mainly on Katy and her husband Ben. These two have had issues in their marriage before, mostly Katy’s infidelity but they’ve managed to work through their problems and are now balancing work and parenting and married life like so many people are. Also in the mix are their set of friends and in this installment they all go on vacation to Spain together with their young children. The friends who join them are Braindead <-I hate this nickname, and his wife Abby with their son and Daniel and his husband Gabriel come along with their daughter. On the plane over the group meets women who are on a “hen do” a.k.a. a bachelorette party/vacation and they quickly make friends and exchange numbers with these ladies for possible drinking and hanging out later on.

Once at the resort the group struggles with trying to do activities together while keeping everyone happy and also somehow trying to spend couple time together.  I’ve vacationed with a group before and it is always a mission trying to stay together and just trying to keep track of anything. Going to dinner as a group plus with young kids is a feat in itself. That can all be very draining so as far as the planning of activities and stress and drama that can arise from going on vacation with a group this story was pretty spot on.


Daniel was my absolute favorite in this one. He is hilarious and I found his character to be insightful as well. He struggles with the guilt of not wanting to be a stay at home dad but he’s happy he’s kept his career and that his husband stays home with their daughter. He ponders at one point on how and when he and Gabriel fell into these traditional roles in their marriage. I wish he had his own book.

Daniel stood up again and gave her a round of applause. ‘Do you know what, I like that,’ he  said. ‘It’s so true. You may think to look at me that I’m perfect but I do have my faults and my husband deals with them with style and finesse.’ -41% No-one Ever Has Sex on Holiday by Tracy Bloom, Kindle version

Katy is just wanting to spend time with her husband and kids on vacation but she finds that the drama from Braindead’s young wife Abby is taking away from her family time. Abby is a new mom and she has issues with this role and is obviously unhappy being on family vacation, she seems like she would rather be partying. Several situations were stressful and I found that Katy and Ben especially were being way too nice and too patient concerning Abby and Braindead. I’ll leave it at that.

As usual in this series, no one has sex in this book. There is just no time and way too much drama going on. The story moves pretty quickly, I laughed plenty and was highly entertained. I always enjoy the writing in these and the turns of phrase from across the pond as well. Cute cover too.

It had been a good holiday, Katy thought. Utter chaos, but good. But then that’s families for you. – 96% No-one Ever Has Sex on Holiday by Tracy Bloom, Kindle version

Disclaimer: This review is my honest opinion. I did not receive any kind of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. My free review copy of No-one Ever Has Sex on Christmas Day by Tracy Bloom was courtesy of NetGalley/Bookouture. Some of these links are affiliate links.

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