Goodbye Paris by Mike Bond

source: free review copy courtesy of BookTrip / Meryl Moss Media
title: Goodbye Paris
author: Mike Bond
genre: crime thriller
published: June 11, 2019
pages: 343
first line: It rose from the deep, a huge wall of roaring green that blotted out the sky and smashed me under, whacked my surfboard into my head and punched the air from my lungs.

Special Forces veteran Pono Hawkins races from a Tahiti surfing competition to France when he learns that a terrorist he’d thought was dead, Mustafa al-Boudienne, may have a backpack nuclear weapon and plans to destroy Paris. Pono was once Mustafa’s prisoner, and is now the only one left alive to identify him.

Joining forces with former allies from US, French and Russian intelligence, and with an intrepid and brilliant French agent, Anne Ronsard, with whom he soon falls in love, Pono sets out against impossible odds to catch and kill Mustafa and his terrorist cell before they can destroy the most beautiful city on Earth.

Another in the bestselling Pono Hawkins series after Saving Paradise and Killing Maine, GOODBYE PARIS is a hallmark Mike Bond thriller: alive, tense, exciting, and full of fascinating details and places. And that will keep you up all night.

my thoughts:

As the blurb reads, Pono Hawkins is a veteran from the Special Forces who races from a surfing competition in Tahiti to France to hunt down a terrorist he believes was dead. Hawkins is surfing and in need of rescue as the book opens which I thought was pretty cool actually.

Pono Hawkins lets us know early on that he lives in the same house with three gorgeous, sexual women. They dislike each other but just loooove to sleep with him. Get it? Got it? Good. Moving on. He has been through crazy adventurous times, he recently went to jail to cover for a buddy, then he was released from jail and now he lives with three hotties.

Pono’s buddy Mack calls him to tell him that he needs to come to Paris to hunt down terrorist Mustafa al-Boudienne but by the time Pono gets to Paris, Mack is missing. There is blood left on his car and it looks like he was abducted. Pono believed Mustafa was dead, but obviously he’s not. Having seen him before Pono can identify and help catch him. However, it’s not long before Mack’s wife Gisele goes missing also and then begins the cat and mouse chase to find Mustafa, Mack and Gisele and save the day because there is a bomb threat on Paris.

There is alot going on in Goodbye Paris. There are some flashbacks thrown in where we see what Pono and Mack have been through. There are terrorists left and right. Once in France, Pono joins a team of U.S., French and Russian intelligence to help track down Mustafa al-Boudienne and save any further attacks on Paris. There is a threat on the Eiffel Tower next and a possible bomb detonation in Paris. Notre Dame has been burned down in the story due to a terrorist attack as well.

Pono joins forces with widow and single mom Anne Ronsard who is part of the French intelligence team. There is definitely chemistry between the two but Anne wants to keep it professional and is on her own personal mission to kill the people who killed her husband Eric two years ago. Pono is a smooth talker throughout and says some pretty interesting things to Anne that had me lol.


“So make love with me.”
She instantly shook her head, “With you it would be different.”
“How so?”
“With them I didn’t care. The relief of an orgasm so I could go back to hunting the ones who killed Eric.”
I caressed her cheek. “I’ll give you tons of orgasms…”
p. 106, Goodbye Paris by Mike Bond

This is not my usual reading fare and while I enjoyed Goodbye Paris overall I did have a few qualms. First of all, Muslims are painted as all being terrorists and in a horrific light so that kept pulling me out of the story. I wish there were Muslim characters represented in a good way to balance things out. Not everyone is a terrorist so there’s that. Also, I found the book dragged on a little too long for my taste. Around page 230 or so I was ready to find out where the heck Mustafa, Mack and Gisele were and whether or not Pono and Anne would end up together. The action packed story culminates to an exciting ending but it did take a while to get there.

What I did enjoy was the exciting and descriptive writing. I enjoyed how the author portrayed the sights and sounds of Paris throughout the story. I felt transported there. The author’s bio says he has traveled all over the world and it shows in his style of writing. I also enjoyed the sparks between Anne and Pono and in the midst of all this chaos there was a touch of passion and romance there.

“On my left, the Seine was high and silvery under the nascent moon. The ancient stone houses along its banks glistened in the ancient yellow streetlamps. King Richard’s island loomed huge and dark amid the roiling water.” -p. 305, Goodbye Paris by Mike Bond

Goodbye Paris is book 3 in the Pono Hawkins series but it reads fine as a stand alone. I do think reading book 1 would definitely help however especially in getting more of a feel for Pono and Mack’s friendship. So, all in all Goodbye Paris was an interesting and action packed read but I wish it hadn’t painted Muslims in such a bad light.

“I wouldn’t change any of this, but it sure made for a crazy life. But that’s how life is. You do what you think is best and pay the consequences.”-p. 29, Goodbye Paris by Mike Bond


About the author:
Called “master of the existential thriller” by BBC, “one of America’s best thriller writers” by Culture Buzz, and “one of the 21st century’s most exciting authors” by the Washington Times, Mike Bond is a best-selling novelist, war and human rights journalist, and environmental activist. He has covered guerrilla wars, death squads, and military dictatorships in Latin America and Africa, Islamic terrorism in the Middle East, and ivory poaching and other environmental battles in East Africa and Asia.

His critically acclaimed novels take the reader into intense situations in the world’s most perilous places, into wars, revolutions, dangerous love affairs and political and corporate conspiracies, making “readers sweat with [their] relentless pace.” (Kirkus) and drawing them “into a land and a time I had not known but left me with my senses reeling.” (NetGalley Reviews)

His books have been named among the best of the year by reviewers and readers alike. He speaks multiple languages, has climbed and trekked over 50,000 miles on every continent from the Antarctic to Siberia, and is at home in some of the most primitive and dangerous places on the planet. -quoted from

Disclaimer: This review is my honest opinion. I did not receive any kind of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. My free review copy of Goodbye Paris by Mike Bond was courtesy of BookTrip / Meryl Moss Media. Some of these links are affiliate links.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Paris by Mike Bond

  1. The book sounds like it is entertaining but it also sounds a bit over the top in terms of characters and situations. I am a stickler for reading series in order so I would always start with book one. I am a little puzzled by the description of this as being an existentialist thriller.

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