Caught Up in a Cowboy by Jennie Marts

caught up in

source: free review copy courtesy of NetGalleySourceBooks
title: Caught Up in a Cowboy (Cowboys of Creedence)
author: Jennie Marts / Twitter
genre: contemporary romance
pages: 334
published: May 2018
first line: Bits of gravel flew behind the tires of the convertible, and Rockford James swore as he turned onto the dirt road leading to the Triple J Ranch.
rated: 4 out of 5

This cowboy plays to win

Rockford James was raised as a tried and true cowboy in a town crazy about ice hockey. Rock is as hot on the ice as he is on a horse, and the NHL snapped him up. Now, injuries have permanently benched him. Body and pride wounded, he returns to his hometown ranch to find that a lot has changed. The one thing that hasn’t? His feelings for high school sweetheart and girl-next-door Quinn Rivers.

Quinn had no choice but to get over Rock after he left. Teenaged and heartbroken, she had a rebound one night stand that ended in single motherhood. Now that Rock’s back—and clamoring for a second chance—Quinn will do anything to avoid getting caught up in this oh-so-tempting cowboy…

my thoughts:
Caught Up in a Cowboy is the first in the Cowboys of Creedence series by Jennie Marts. This book has been sitting in my Nook since last year and I finally made the time to read it last week. I am glad I did.

First of all, can I just mention the cover. THAT is how you put a cowboy on a cover. Simple yet effective.


This book centers around famous NHL player Rockford James and his high school sweetheart Quinn Rivers. Rock has recently suffered a concussion on the ice and is sent back home to small town Creedence Colorado to heal. While back home he runs into Quinn. The two grew up together and were high school sweethearts and best friends. Nine years ago Rock left his small hometown to go to college after being offered a hockey scholarship. He left Quinn behind as well. He and Quinn have seen and spoken to each other very rarely since he left. Quinn has never fully gotten over her broken heart since Rock left but she follows his career and watches his games since he was drafted by the NHL. She is the single mom of an 8 year old son Max. Quinn had a one night stand after Rock left and Max’s father is not in their lives but she is fine with that. She still lives on her father’s ranch and her life centers around her son.

Rock has always regretted leaving Quinn behind he wishes he had somehow brought her with him when he left town all those years ago. Now that he’s back home he is instantly drawn to her and wants to make amends. He starts to spend time with Quinn and her son Max. Quinn still harbors the pain of Rock leaving her and she is not fully ready to forgive and forget anything plus she has her son to think of. Although she agrees to be friends again with Rock, all her old feelings for him resurface and she can’t help admitting to herself that she never stopped loving him. Much of the story revolves around Quinn wondering if she can forgive Rock and trust him enough to let him in her life romantically again.

The writing flowed smoothly and I was instantly drawn into the story-line, which also has a few funny scenes thrown in. I enjoyed the small town vibe and the sights in Colorado. Ranch life is described as well. I also liked that Quinn is a good mom to Max. Rock starts spending time with them and he easily and genuinely befriends Max.

Rock is a great hero, he cares about Quinn and her son. Even though he left all those years ago you can’t help but like him and want Quinn to give him another chance. I did however wonder why these two wouldn’t have done more to keep in touch or reconnect sooner, especially with cell phones and social media. I also found it hard to believe that Rock never found love in the last 9 years while he was away. I would have found it more believable if he would have had at least one serious relationship that didn’t work out in there at some point. There’s a plot twist that happens and it was kind of predictable but it was still interesting watching the story unfold. The cast of supporting characters in this small town add to the story-line.

This book is about lost love reunited, forgiveness and family. Overall, I gobbled it up and wanted seconds.

I’ll close with a few favorite lines and by saying that if you enjoy well written small town cowboy romance about love reunited, I recommend Caught Up in a Cowboy .

Memories swirled through her, memories of kissing him, touching him. He was her first love, her first kiss, her first everything, and she had loved him with everything she had to give.
They had loved each other. And he had walked away, left her behind.
-11% Kindle, Caught Up in a Cowboy by Jennie Marts


He let out a sigh.
It was no use going back. They couldn’t change the past.
But maybe, for the first time in years, he let himself believe that they just might have a future.
-58% Kindle, Caught Up in a Cowboy



No matter where I’ve been, or what stupid decisions I’ve made, my heart has always belonged to you.
-52% Kindle, Caught Up in a Cowboy

Disclaimer: This review is my honest opinion. I did not receive any kind of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. My free review copy of Caught Up in a Cowboy (Cowboys of Creedence) was courtesy NetGalleySourceBooks. Some of these links are affiliate links.

11 thoughts on “Caught Up in a Cowboy by Jennie Marts

  1. I’m always hesitant when it comes to romances involving children, but most of the ones I have read handle it well–so I really should get over it. LOL This sounds like a good one. And I agree about the cover. 🙂

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