Mailbox Monday/Sunday Post April 5 2020: Staying home, trying to read and updates

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Hello blog friends, I miss you! I haven’t been much in the mood for blogging or reading these past three weeks. I feel like I just can’t concentrate. I’ve had several meltdowns and panic attacks. It’s hard not to worry over the unknown. However, I am managing my anxiety by doing yoga daily and trying to stay in the present moment instead of worrying over tomorrow or next week. It’s such a surreal situation it is hard to believe it is even happening.

I also stopped watching the news and limited my social media and that has helped alot. And somedays if I need a good cry, I will allow myself a five minute cry then I have to move on with my day with no more crying. Starting tomorrow it will be my third week working from home so that has been great and I am so very thankful that I am able to stay at home with my family.

onto my bookish updates…

recently on the blog:
I posted my thoughts on The Outsider by Stephen King which was terrific. I watched the mini-series with my husband and it was good, it lagged a little towards the latter episodes but that finale was fantastic. I loved the casting also. They changed the show somewhat from the book but I liked what they did with it.

in my mailbox:
I’m trying not to order anything online that is nonessential, but while ordering a thermometer and bandannas for making face masks, I ordered a copy of The Snow Leopard by by Peter Matthiessen for a read-along I found on Instagram a few weeks back. If I remember correctly April 27th is the online book discussion for this one. I like that it’s a classic.



The Tiger King of course. This has been the only tv documentary to really grab my attention lately. It is all kinds of crazy! Full of surprises actually. And messed up, I think owning wild cats as pets or for private zoos should be illegal but this makes for a great documentary.

I finished up a gift set I promised a friend of ours. I won’t be able to mail it to him for some time but I had fun with this project. I created the graph for the wall hanging myself and the patterns are my own. I like the results. This is the flag of Puerto Rico.
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I mentioned I’ve been doing yoga daily to manage my stress, this is the link to one of the videos I use if anyone is interested. There are alot to choose for free on YouTube.

That’s all for now, I will be trying to blog hop here and there when I can. How are you holding up? I hope you are well and safe xo.


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26 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday/Sunday Post April 5 2020: Staying home, trying to read and updates

  1. It is so hard right now. Surreal is a great word for it. I mean, the world has changed so dramatically so quickly. It’s crazy. I’m the same way with the news. I try to stay informed but there’s so much it can be overwhelming, after a while I have to step away from that and just de- stress lol.

    I started the Tiger King after another blogger recommended it as crazysauce and… they were right! It’s like a train wreck but I keep watching… !!

    Yoga seems to be helping so many people right now.

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    • Very crazy times right bow. The news can definitely get overwhelming so I found that stepping away for a few days at at time helps. I pop into Twitter once or twice per week to see what the governor is saying.

      Tiger King is addictive! Supposedly there’s another episode coming soon. And Investigation Discovery is making it’s own documentary as well, can’t wait!
      Stay safe and be well..


  2. Hi Naida,

    Surreal times for all of us I think and like so many others I have been speaking to, concentration on achieving anything fulfilling right now, is at a very low point.

    I guess it’s different if you have children and a family at home, but with just the two of us locked down together, we probably watch far too much news and social media about the state of the world and depress ourselves unnecessarily.

    Over the years I have amassed (much to Dave’s disgust), a mountain of books, jigsaw puzzles and knitting wool, so I am probably better placed than most to have plenty to keep me occupied.

    I have read one book in the last three weeks, worked a little on an afghan throw for charity and started a new jigsaw. I love your crochet project, it looks so good and I am sure your friend will be more than pleased with it.

    I don’t do yoga, but even I have taken to using the running machine and cycle out in our gym, as a way of venting my frustration more than anything else!

    In the evenings, Hubbie has been binge watching some of those epically long films, that he wouldn’t ordinarily watch during the week, because of having to get up early for work. As his job is a ‘key worker’ task and he is only at home because of underlying health issues, his workplace is hoping to overcome the security issues involved and give him some work to do from home, which will improve his emotional state no end!

    Anyway, that’s enough of my ranting. I have a new, fun, short novella to start reading today, so hopefully that will bring a little light relief and the sun is shining outside, so sitting in the garden is probably the order of the day 🙂

    Keep Safe all of you and stay strong 🙂


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    • Hi Yvonne, glad you are doing well. I know, I have collected enough yarn and books to keep me busy during the quarantine lol.
      Thank you, I will be making another crochet flag set soon for an Aunt. It’s relaxing working on projects and crochet calms me.
      That’s good you are using the treadmill, it’s good for your health. I look forward to my evening yoga every day.
      Enjoy your reading and sitting in the garden sounds nice. Stay well 🙂


  3. These are really difficult times. Sorry to hear about your stress levels.

    My reading has also been slow. Though I have been working from home I have been working very long hours. I also have been watching too much television.

    Stay healthy and stay safe.

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  4. Naida, thank you for the entertainment recommendations. I will keep your choices in mind. Your crocheted gift is a wonderful gift for your friend.

    The world is very strange right now, and it has been, among other things, a test of our flexibility and creativity. Frankly, even though I ‘m a bit of a homebody, and love putzing around on the weekends doing various home chores, it’s boring after a while to not be able to go out and do the things I did freely before! Oh, well. This is temporary, right? Anyway, we all need to hang in there now, stay at home, practice social distancing, and also “indulge” in self-care. Take a nice long bath, do hair treatments (I’ve rediscovered henna), read some stories or books, listen to music, watch movies and fun YouTube videos, and snuggle with our fur babies. Daisy is loving that we are working from home now!

    I hope that you and your family, as well as other bloggers and their families, stay safe and healthy at this critical time in history!

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    • Hi Susan,
      I’m glad you are doing well. I know, I’m a homebody too but it does get boring not being able to just freely leave and do what I want to do. Yes, it is only temporary and staying home is for the best right now.

      Aww hugs to Daisy! I’m sure she’s happy you are working from home.
      Stay well xo


  5. I can relate so much to how you have been feeling, Naida. The panic attacks and meltdowns. I have cut back on much of the news, but it is hard to avoid completely, especially at work and given all the extreme changes. I haven’t been reading much. I am working half the week at work and half at home. I can’t bring myself to watch the Tiger King, but I have heard a lot of chatter about it among people online. It seems to be very popular. I think it would make me too angry. I am sending you positive thoughts, Naida, Stay safe and well.

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  6. Sorry to hear about your stress but it sounds like you are taking positive steps to deal with it.
    I need to make an effort to get more exercise. I used to do yoga years ago and the stretching is really good for the body.
    I hope you find some books to help you relax and take your mind on a different journey.
    Stay safe.

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  7. I think a lot of readers are finding it hard to concentrate on their books at the moment. I’ve resorted to easy reads and some short novellas. My yoga instructor posted an online video so we could continue our classes at home. I’ve never been able to get my daughter to attend so it’s been good that she can now do the classes at home with me.


  8. Hi, it’s hard to concentrate on reading right now. Short novellas sound like a good idea.
    That’s great you can do yoga from home with the instructor and that your daughter is doing the classes now too. Be well. 🙂


  9. It’s indeed depressing reading all those COVID-19 news but yet we couldn’t avoid reading them since they’re almost everywhere. 😦 I always tune in to music and books whenever I’ve those down moments.

    Hope you’ve a good week and stay well, Naida!

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