Sunday Post 4/19/2020: Updates

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog…

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all doing well. Today marks 28 days of quarantine for myself. Although the initial shock has worn off and I have settled into a routine, this whole thing still feels surreal. I have not ventured out in 28 days except to go to my backyard. To get exercise and ease my anxiety I do 30 minutes aerobics daily and then I do 30-45 minutes yoga daily after. It has been something I look forward to, my daily exercise and yoga time. My anxiety got so bad these past several weeks, I lost 11 pounds because when I’m nervous I can’t eat so I am trying to put those pounds back on. We do online food orders from Target for no contact curbside pickup, but they don’t do cold foods or perishables this way so when absolutely necessary my husband takes a quick trip to the grocery store for milk, eggs, fruits etc. We try to limit those trips to once every 10 days or so. New Jersey has announced the stay-at-home order is extended until May 15th. As hard as it is, I agree with that decision because at the rate the virus has been spreading it’s terrifying.  You are not supposed to leave the house without wearing a mask now and you are not allowed to enter a public place…supermarket etc… without a mask on. I keep reminding myself, this is only temporary.

On a different note, I baked an apple cake yesterday. This is the recipe I use.

I offer you all a virtual slice today….it pairs well with tea.

onto my bookish updates….

I suck at reading lately. So, I am promising myself to finish one of the books I am reading this week AND to post a review this upcoming week on it.  I am reading two books right now, one self-help and one King for entertainment: A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose and Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King.  A New Earth is a re-read. I first read this one over a decade ago and it had a profound impact on me so I thought now would be the perfect time to re-read it. It’s all about living in the present moment and not allowing your ego, or the voice inside your head, to dominate you with negative thoughts and worries. I mainly read this one before bedtime and it has a calming effect on me.
a newdolores

My daughter and I are HOOKED on Little Fires Everywhere. It is really good and makes for great conversation with themes of race, racism, class status and motherhood. The casting is amazing as well.

I’ve been crocheting rainbows lately. They have become popular these past few weeks as a symbol of hope. I’m working on a second larger one. I will share pics when it’s done.

It has been cold and mostly dreary lately but finally today temps are supposed to warm up into the 60’s and the sun is already brightly shining. I will be doing some blog hopping this morning over coffee and oatmeal, then I will take my book out to the backyard for some sunshine and fresh air.

How are you doing? Thank you for visiting and stay well.

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32 thoughts on “Sunday Post 4/19/2020: Updates

  1. I am also mostly in the house. The local parks are open and not that crowded so I have gotten out a few times. I am actually very busy with work and other things so I wish that I had a little more time.

    I have not read Dolores Claiborne I would like to. I also have not seen the film.

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    • Hi Brian, it’s hard being home so much. I’ve been going to the backyard daily when the sun comes out. It’s been cold this week but getting sunshine still feels nice.
      Work keeps me very busy also and I find myself working late even at home.
      Dolores Claiborne is a good one, I am almost finished with it.
      Stay well and have a good rest of the week.


  2. We are having groceries delivered and have used curbside pickup at Target as well. We’re offering curbside at our store too. I’ve been trying to stay in a routine and shower and dress every day. It just makes me feel better. Our governor is going to start reopening tomorrow and I think it’s a mistake.

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    • It’s good having them delivered and doing curbside pickup. I am trying to keep a routine too to feel more normal. Oh wow, that’s early. We are supposed to open mid-May and I think that’s early also. I don’t know that I’ll ever feel safe going to a crowded place or even the mall again or just doing everyday things away from home.
      Stay well.


  3. Hi Naida,

    We are also beginning week 5 of self isolation. Dave was not allowed in to work because of his underlying health conditions, although his government department is hoping to get all their isolating staff secure computers, so that they can link up to the government systems and work from home. Whilst it will be good for him, I shall find it really difficult to adjust to not having him around to talk to all day, as he will be locked in his home office.

    Getting food deliveries is proving to be our biggest hurdle and sitting online just trying to get a home delivery slot is almost a full time job in itself, as I am trying my hardest not to have to go out, for fear of bringing any bugs back into the house for Dave’s sake! We are getting small deliveries from multiple stores, as each order arrives with at least half the items missing from it, where so many products are becoming unavailable.

    I have a good stash of knitting wool, jigsaw puzzles and of course books, to keep me going for some time to come, however finding the motivation and concentration, is proving to be the biggest challenge. We did manage to get a delivery of garden supplies, before the lockdown took effect, so have a couple of small projects ongoing, which we potter around with occasionally.

    I am keeping to as much of our old routine, meal times etc. as possible and it is a good job that I don’t do too much baking, or we would be so overweight. I think this is one of the side effects of a prolonged lockdown that the politicians aren’t taking into account, with having people sat at home all day, that and alcohol abuse.

    We are lucky that we have a home gym in a log cabin in the garden, so we take it in turns to use it every other day, which avoids us having to walk the streets to get our permitted exercise every day.

    Definitely surreal and difficult times, but please try not to let it stress you out too much and enjoy the family time together, as that is so important. We have also adopted the rainbow to support our workers and carers in the NHS, so just about every house has something rainbow in their window – I love your small crocheted rainbow, a great idea if any asks me for an original thing to make.

    Stay Safe 🙂


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    • Hi Yvonne, I am glad you and your husband are able to stay home. It’s good that he can work from home even though you will miss him. No commute though so more time at home. I definitely do not miss my 45 minute morning commute.

      Yes, getting a grocery delivery slot is hard! They are all booked. Same here, may times some of our items are removed from the cart because they are sold out.

      Gardening right now sounds nice, I’ve been wanting to do some yard work but it’s still been too cold. This Saturday should be in the 60’s so maybe I can get my flower beds cleaned up, they are blossoming already a little bit here and there. I can see the green stems of my Tiger Lillies coming in.
      I’ve been baking here and there, it relaxes me and my family enjoys it. It is definitely hard to concentrate and I have good days and bad days but I have been reading more now finally.
      Your gym at home sounds perfect, exercise is really helpful right now.

      Stay well and thanks for stopping in as always! Happy knitting if you get to it. I’m almost done with the second larger rainbow pillow.


  4. It is tough. We haven’t been out much either although we’ve had to hit the store a few times. I’ve noticed my reading has been down too…

    Hope you had a great time and the weather was nice. 🙂 It does help getting fresh air and sunshine, for sure, I’ve noticed it helps my mood a lot.

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    • It’s hard times right now, I can’t believe a month has passed here since I’ve been on quarantine.

      Thanks, the weather was so nice last Sunday I just lounged in my lawn chair in the sun for a good while enjoying it. This Saturday it’s supposed to be nice again.

      Stay safe and hope you get some good reading in this week.


    • It’s a good idea to go shopping when it’s less crowded. Thanks, last Sunday was beautiful and I spent a few hours out back enjoying the sunshine finally.
      Stay well and happy reading this week too 🙂


  5. I think I have gained weight during this crisis. I really haven’t had more time on my hands to do more. In fact, I think I have less. I kind of envy those who do have more free time. But then I suppose that would mean I would be out of a job, and I definitely need my income. My husband does most of the shopping for us. He goes once a week just about. Your apple cake looks delicious! My husband and daughter made banana bread yesterday. I meant to have some this morning, but forgot it was there. Maybe for lunch. 🙂

    My reading is still suffering too. I am reading a chapter or so before bed when I am able. I used to read during my lunch breaks at the office, but since I am only in the office one or two days a week now, that’s gone out the window. Eating lunch at home with my husband and daughter means no reading during that time.

    I hope you have a good week. Stay safe and well.

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    • Hi Wendy, I know, with work I am so busy I work late even at home. I’ve been tempted to work Saturdays from home also, but I stop myself, I need the time off to rest. I am grateful to still have my job also.
      The apple cake was good, and that banana bread sounds good too!

      I’m expecting to be back at the office some time in May but I’m not sure yet. And the building I work in in has hundreds of people in it so I’m not sure what is going to happen with that. I’m just taking it one day at a time right now.

      I read a few pages before bed also now. At first I couldn’t focus on reading at all.
      Stay well and have a good rest of the week. 🙂


  6. Quarantine is definitely taking some getting used to. Everyone in my house is going stir crazy. I can’t remember when ours started but as of right now, we’re supposed to stay at home until June 10th.

    That apple cake looks amazing!

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    • The apple cake is a winner 🙂
      It’s hard not to go stir crazy, I am doing a little better but there’s good days and bad days.
      Wow June 10th seems long away, but it’ll be here soon. I’m surprised April is going so fast. Good luck and be well.


  7. That apple cake looks yummy! And I really enjoyed reading Little Fires Everywhere. I hope the author will have a new release out soon. Love your crocheted rainbow!!

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  8. I’m what our government calls Shielding at the moment and probably have been for the last 28 days – I say probably as like many others I’ve lost sense of time – what surprises me about it all is how quickly this has become our normal.

    Anyway, lovely to have shared in a slice of that yummy apple cake with you. I love your crochet rainbow.

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  9. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with anxiety! I think it’s totally understandable given this situation. I’ve had some rough days, especially at the beginning and my work was so stressful too, so just sending you peace! Love that you are doing a lot to take care of yourself – so important. Your bread and the rainbows made me smile! Hang in there!

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    • Hi Iliana, I’m trying to stay calm and I think the initial shock has worn off but it’s still scary times. Yes, at the beginning it was really rough for me also.
      Thank you so much. Stay well also!


  10. We’ve been doing lots of baking here too. I’ve been off my reading. I think I do better when I’m busy and I have an abundance of free time at the moment. Stay safe.

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