Crochet Over 130 Techniques and Stitches by DK

source: free ARC from Netgalley/ DK publishers
title: Crochet: Over 130 Techniques and Stitches
genre: crochet patterns
published: September 15, 2020
pages: 320
rated: 5 out of 5

Learn more than 130 fully illustrated techniques and stitches and put them into practice as you go, creating 80 imaginative projects for home and to wear.

Packed with step-by-step photography and clear instructions, Crochet has everything you need to crochet a gorgeous array of clothing, home decor items, and toys. Get started with your first crochet hook, work a range of classic granny squares, and discover how to craft delicate lace and openwork pieces. Practice your newly learned skills on simple projects as you move through the book, or dive straight into the dedicated projects chapter, which includes amigurumi and toy designs, blankets and pillows, and clothing for children and adults.

Newly updated with a fresh design and brand-new photography, Crochet is both a perfect guide for beginners and an invaluable resource for more practiced crocheters

my thoughts:
Crochet: Over 130 Techniques and Stitches is a great crochet pattern book full of creative projects. With a variety of patterns, techniques and ideas this one is good for both novice and seasoned crocheters. There is plenty within these pages to give you inspiration.

This book is full of tips and tricks and helpful sections discussing yarns and yarn colors, different hook types and other crochet equipment. There is a techniques section showing you how to work up different stitches. Also included is a section about blocking and seaming techniques and another part which shows you how to work up different textural stitches like rib stitch and shell stitch. There is also a section with information on how to embroider onto crochet. I could go on and on there is plenty within these pages to spark the imagination and to learn from or to brush up on your skills with.

I liked that other ideas and inspiration for using crochet as an embellishment are included. For example, the Textured Cushion pattern, where you work up a front panel then sew it onto a pillow to give it a special accent.

Also included is a section with edging patterns in case you want to embellish a blanket or a handkerchief and add a crochet border onto non-crocheted items like those. One of my favorite techniques “Corner to Corner” crochet is also featured here with a pattern for a “Crafter’s Wrap” for keeping your crafting supplies together.

Aside from these tips, tricks and ideas there are several patterns included for home decor, stuffed toys, blankets, mittens and sweaters for babies, children and adults. I like the look of this ruffled lacy scarf, it would make a nice accessory.

I chose to make the book cover using a quick and easy pattern. The pattern calls for a chunky yarn, but I didn’t have any on hand so I used two strands of regular yarn held together.

This is mine, it fit a trade paperback sized hardcover. The pattern was very easy to follow and I like the result.


I recommend Crochet: Over 130 Techniques and Stitches if you are looking for some crochet inspiration.


About the Author
DK was founded in London in 1974 and is now the world leading illustrated reference publisher and a member of the Penguin Random House division of Bertelsmann. DK publishes highly visual, photographic non-fiction for adults and children. DK produces content for consumers in over 100 countries and over 60 languages, with offices in the UK, India, US, Germany, China, Canada, Spain and Australia.

DK’s aim is to inspire, educate and entertain readers of all ages, and everything DK publishes, whether print or digital, embodies the unique DK design approach. DK brings unrivaled clarity to a wide range of topics, with a unique combination of words and pictures, put together to spectacular effect. We have a reputation for innovation in design for both print and digital products.-quoted from
Disclaimer: This review is my honest opinion. I did not receive any kind of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. I received my free review copy of Crochet: Over 130 Techniques and Stitches from Netgalley/ DK publishers in exchange for my honest thoughts. Some of the links in the post are affiliate links. If you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive a small affiliate commission. The photos here are my own and not to be removed from this post.

7 thoughts on “Crochet Over 130 Techniques and Stitches by DK

  1. Hi Naida,

    This sounds like a great book for a novice like myself, as much as for such seasoned crafters as yourself 🙂

    I like the scarf in particular, especially the colour illustrated, but I was quite interested in the fact that you say the book discussed various edging techniques.

    MIL knits some beautiful little blankets which I donate to the local hospital for the premature baby unit. Which is great, but eventually she ends up with quite a few leftover bits and pieces of wool, which she then makes into larger, multi-coloured, crocheted blankets, which are donated to the local MS Oxygen Therapy Pool. The problem is that she crochets very loosely and she never edges anything off neatly (well she is 89, so can be forgiven!), so I am always looking for ways just to add another round or two and tidy them up a bit, before I donate them.

    I might consider investing in this book for some inspiration!

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Yvonne, I recommend this one! I like the scarf alot also.
      That’s nice of your MIL to knit and donate and to you for tidying them up when needed. Stay well and have a good week ahead.


  2. I love your paperback holder, such a pretty colour, and neat idea. I’m a knitter rather than a crocheter. I’ve tried with crochet but it never seems to turn out the way it should. I’ve knitted since I was 8 (almost 60 years) but not for a few years now. So I took it up again recently with lockdown, knitted myself a scarf and like you have bought a book of all the knitting stitches so I can create something unique. Can’t believe how much I’m having with it.


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