Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday June 7, 2020: Random Updates

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Good morning all, I hope you are staying well. These are amazing and historic times we are living in right now. How are you holding up?

I’ve been MIA from blog land a few weeks because I am very busy with work and putting in 10 hour days and weekend hours even from home. I’m still working from home until further notice. They are actually remodeling the office building I work in to make it safer before they allow us back. Restrictions are being eased further in NJ as the state enters phase 2 of reopening next week. We are still being extra safe and social distancing.

I’m trying to avoid social media these past few days even more than usual, it is so overwhelming. On top of the death of George Floyd and the protests and riots, the world is still in the midst of a pandemic. I couldn’t watch the heartbreaking Floyd video all the way, I started to cry. It totally blows your mind that something like that can happen. And he is not the only one, it happens all the time.

Well, in the middle of the craziness good things happened and that is what we need to hang onto and work towards: The street in Front of White House was renamed “Black Lives Matter Plaza”  and  this Michigan sheriff who put down his weapon and joined protesters “. There is always hope and we have to do our part to bring positive changes.

On another note, we’ve still been taking our daily walks. My neighborhood is nice and quiet in the mornings so we head out early before it gets too hot. I shared this on my Twitter this past week, when I was driving up my street I came upon a black bear. You can see the clip here if you’re interested. He looks like a teddy bear but yikes. We see black bears here every year mainly in the Spring and early Summer and also in the early Fall before they hibernate. Thankfully and knock on wood, I’ve never come upon one during my walks but it’s always in the back of my mind to be careful. We live in a wooded area.

onto my bookish updates….

currently reading:

My reading has taken a backseat these two weeks due to work. But I am in the middle of reading Seconds to Live (Homeland Heroes Book 1) by Susan Sleeman and I’m trying to finish that soon.

in my mailbox:
Nothing. Zip. But that is good, I am behind on reading and reviewing so.

I’m still hooked on The Vampire Diaries and am on the final season now.

I finished up these potholders for a friend recently.  I have so much cotton yarn in my stash I figured I will make potholders with it.


That’s all for now. I hope you are doing well and reading good books. What has your week been like? Thank you for stopping in, I will be blog hopping slowly but surely this week to see what everyone is up to.


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22 thoughts on “Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday June 7, 2020: Random Updates

  1. BEAR! Omg, ugh, now that would be scary. Only animal I saw today was a crane running on the road before, I doubt it was I that scared him since he came out of the woods really fast

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  2. I also have been working very long days at work and I am also working from home.

    Some of the news has been terrible. It is easy to get down. But hopefully things will start getting better going forward.

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    • Hi Brian, it’s hard to log off on time with working from home. I’ve also had to remind myself to stop and take a lunch.
      I’m so relieved NJ and NY are doing much better now but hopefully it stays that way and other states get better also. It’s been so crazy.


  3. Oh I love the color of your potholders that’s my favorite. We also continue to stay home, going out only for necessities we can’t have delivered. I’m starting to try to walk in the neighborhood with the dog when it isn’t too hot. She like it. But I also try to do yard work and take care of the garden so I’m not shut inside completely.

    I think that the work helps you keep normal and avoid some of the news. I support the protests but I worry about them because it is still a pandemic The protests give me hope that perhaps something will actually change. We need to have some real changes, too many brutal police and corrupt politicians.

    Happy reading, stay safe and well!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

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    • Thank you, I had that cotton yarn laying around for years so I’m glad to make use of it finally. It’s good to get fresh air everyday.
      We do need change and the protesters have made changes happen already. It’s such a crazy time with everything going on at once.
      Stay well and enjoy your books this week!


  4. It has been a heartbreaking week, for sure. So much happening so fast. I did see that about the Black Lives Matter renaming and I thought wow that must have really infuriated the President lol. But yes it is good to see the positive things happening amidst all the bad.

    Wow that black bear sighting- yikes that’s a little too close for comfort! 🙂

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    • Yes to that Black Lives Matter street! 🙂
      That black bear was around last week again, he knows when people will have their garbage out in the mornings.
      Stay well and happy reading this week.


  5. Whoa, a bear – sure adds to the rest of the drama in the world 😉
    Love the flower potholder, cute. Looking forward to when I can browse at the yarn shop.
    Happy reading.

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    • Yes, that bear was around again last week from what my neighbors told us.
      Thanks, I know, I miss the yarn store too. It’s open here but I’m still not going yet. I ordered a cotton blend online recently.
      Enjoy your week ahead.


  6. Naida, thank you for this Sunday post.

    That video is extremely painful to watch and so incredibly heartbreaking. Like you, I’m paying attention to the positive changes that have happened as a result. I hope and pray for a better, more loving future.

    I would be scared, too, if I saw a bear during a walk. Eek!

    As usual, your crocheted work is stunning. (I use the purple trivet you made for me all the time; it is nice and thick.)

    I hope you can find some time to read this week, Naida. Take good care!

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    • Thank you Susan 🙂
      I’m hoping and praying for better days as well. It’s such a crazy time now with so much going on.
      We went away to the lake last week, but my neighbors told us the bear was back again last week. He’s hungry apparently.
      I’m so glad you still use the one I crocheted for you! 🙂
      Take care and stay well.


  7. The George Floyd video is heartbreaking and angers me at the same time. I just can’t believe that this continues to happen time and again. I’m still trying to remain hopeful for change. With regards to the pandemic, it’s unreal to me that so many people are starting to act like everything is back to normal. I wish! Glad you are still working from home even if it’s been busy times. Love the potholders you made.

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    • I’m hopeful for positive changes also. I know, some people are acting like nothing has happened since it’s summer and they want to go to bars etc. It’s insane.
      Stay well and happy reading and crafting!


  8. It’s good to hear that your office is taking extra caution by allowing staff to work from home and so forth before allowing you guys back. We’re entering into phase 2 this coming Friday so that means more business sectors will be reopening and dine-in will be restricted to 5 pax per table; of course with social distancing, too. I don’t think I’ll be dining out for a while, though it’s nice to take a walk outside even if masks are still mandatory.

    Love your crocheted potholders! Hope you’ve a good week, Naida!

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    • Hi Mel, yes I am grateful to be working from home still. I won’t be going to restaurants either yet and am still wearing my mask when I’m out also.
      Thanks and have a good week too!


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