Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 6/28/2020: Random Updates

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Good morning all. I hope you are doing well. It’s Monday so the Sunday part of this post is a day late. That’s okay, I’m still on vacation mode….


I’ve been on vacation since last week and not back to work just yet. It was a vacation but kind of a stay-cation as well. We drove up for the week to the cabin at the lake in Upstate NY. The only reason we decided to even go this year is because we went extra early when it is still off season and we were the only family on the property. We had the private lakefront to ourselves all week and the cabin is a home away from home with our own kitchen/bathroom etc. The place we stay is small and family owned and run with separate cabins on the property for vacationers.

We’d venture out early if we needed anything like groceries and we made a few ice-cream and bakery runs avoiding people and wearing our masks. I have to say I am stunned by the way some people are refusing to wear masks and not social distancing. It is really mind boggling. I’ve been quarantined at home since mid-March so finally seeing this in person on a larger scale was shocking. I noticed one deli out there was not making customers wear masks so people were coming and going unmasked into this tiny crowded indoor deli. It turned my stomach seeing that. We’d go walking in town early mornings because there’s a nice path there by the water with a pretty view and we got funny looks by some people. The first morning I thought I was imagining it but as it kept happening throughout the week I realized some people were giving us dirty looks for wearing our masks.    

Anyway, we cooked at the cabin and grilled daily and ate al fresco, it was nice being away for a little while with a change of scenery. I feel so grateful for that. I’m working again later on this week, still from home until September as of now. The numbers in NJ are much better and we are in phase 2 of re-opening but I am scared of cases rising again. The governors in the tri-state area placed a 2 week quarantine on people coming here from high covid rate states but I don’t see how they will be able to enforce that on travelers. At least they are being pro-active and trying to keep people safe.

Now that I’ve chatted your eyeballs off, onto bookish and more pleasant things…. 🙂

currently reading and also in my mailbox:
My reading sucks for June unfortunately but I’ve promised myself I will start reading more again. I’m still reading Seconds to Live (Homeland Heroes Book 1) by Susan Sleeman which is really good so far.

I am also reading my latest book buy  The House We Grew Up In by the fabulous Lisa Jewell. This is a great one and I hope to finish it this week so I can share my thoughts. I purchased this one for my vacation read and I read a good part of it by the lake. This author does not disappoint.

My daughter and I finished watching The Vampire Diaries. Um….yea I was not a fan of the last two seasons and that ending but I guess they needed to wrap it up somehow. I heard two of the main characters dated then broke up in real life, so they didn’t really want to work together anymore and this impacted the show and story-line.

That wraps my updates up for now. I will be blog hopping today and catching up. How are you doing? Reading anything good? Will you be vacationing this summer? Stay-cationing?

I’ll close with pictures of the lake…clouds on a rainy morning …and flowers on a sunny day, it was so nice and peaceful there. Enjoy your week and be well.




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30 thoughts on “Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 6/28/2020: Random Updates

  1. We don’t have a lake to vacation at so it looks like the patio is our staycation spot. At least the weather is warm and sunny – great for my garden. Should be harvesting the first lettuce in a day or two! Have a good week!

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  2. Hi Naida,

    It is good to have you back in Blogland and I am pleased that you enjoyed your lakeside holiday. We definitely won’t be going to stay away anywhere this year, because of the amount of people out there with such low intelligence and behaviour patterns in the current crisis, and also because I don’t want to be anywhere where anyone else has used the facilities or slept in a bed before me!!

    People are really showing themselves in their true colours and any hope I might have secretly harboured about the severity of the pandemic actually making us a better more caring society when we came through the other side, are definitely ‘pie in the sky’ dreams! People are even more selfish and reprehensible, if that’s possible and we are still staying in our own home as much as possible, just venturing out for walks very early when it is quiet.

    Hubbie’s government department are actively looking at changing policy so that they have a team of staff working permanently from home, so given that he is technically so close to retirement (although that isn’t going to happen), he is hoping to be considered for that duty.

    I thought that being at home for so long, I would have really got into my reading. However I just seem to be getting through even less books if that is possible, probably because everything still feels so up in the air and transient.

    I have already have ‘The House We Grew Up In’ on my Goodreads ‘Want To Read’ list, as it both sounds so good and it is also set in The Cotswolds, a beautiful part of the country which I know so well, as we used to live there. We would probably still have been there now if the property prices weren’t quite so high when we were looking to move from a house to a bungalow, also we really wanted to be a bit close to the coast and from where we are now we can go in almost any direction and hit one coast or another in less than 2 hours!

    I hope that you are still managing to stay safe and sound in all the new waves of Covid 19 madness 🙂


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    • Thanks Yvonne, I agree, people are definitely showing their true colors now, the good and the bad. I can’t believe it’s gotten this much worse and far-spread when it could have been more contained with simple acts like wearing masks and social distancing.
      I was happy to go away on vacation, although we still had to stay safe and social distance. Even though it’s been empty since last summer, I disinfected the cabin before unpacking our stuff and we brought our own pillows and blankets from home too for the week.

      That’s good if your husband can permanently work from home then, much safer!
      I am the same way, it gets hard to focus on reading sometimes, then other times, I’m fine. It depends.
      Thanks for sharing info about the Cotswolds ! It sounds picturesque.
      Stay safe and hopefully you get some good reading in soon.


  3. Naida,

    I’m so glad that you and your family took a vacation. It looks like a beautiful place to relax. Thank you for wearing your masks and for being careful. It does help to stop the spread. I wish everyone would be careful! We wear our masks, and I keep reminding everyone to wash their hands (I sound like a broken record).

    My reading has been limited and sporadic lately. I ‘m still reading the book I started about a month ago! We’ve been enjoying watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel very much! It is hilarious and so entertaining. Enjoy your reading, and have a terrific week ahead!

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    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you, it was nice to get away for a little while. That’s good you wear your masks also. I am constantly reminding my family to wash their hands too lol. I disinfect everything daily at home, handles, doorknobs etc.
      I need to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel , I’ve heard good things, Glad you are enjoying it!
      Stay safe and ha happy week ahead also.


  4. How lovely and what a great place to vacation! I can’t believe people are so selfish and stupid. We are just staying home and having deliveries or some drive-thru pickups. Things won’t get better with people not making an effort. Stay safe and well!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

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    • It was a nice week away and I am grateful for that. Yes, some people are so selfish. We’re doing the same at home still also, curbside pickup when we can and my husband goes to the supermarket early when we need it.

      Stay safe too and happy reading this week.


  5. It is shocking how many people aren’t wearing masks, and even crazier when they give you dirty looks for wearing one! What is wrong with people?? lol. Glad you’re able to work from home though, that at least helps. I think everyone that possibly can work from home should be able to, considering the situation. I guess all we can hop e is things will get better.

    Love your pics!!

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  6. I am glad that you got to enjoy your time out. I agree, it is strange and annoying that people don’t seem to care to take precautions to protect others.
    I may have to read Lisa Jewell someday.
    Have a good week and Happy Reading!

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  7. Your cabin at the lake sounds idyllic, I wish we had such a place to escape to. My sister in law is also a big fan of Lisa Jewell and is also currently enjoying her The House We Grew Up In.

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  8. So glad you guys were able to get away and enjoy a vacation. It is absolutely ridiculous that people are refusing to wear masks. I mean, what is the big deal? It is bizarre. Glad you get to work home for a while longer. My husband and I will be too thank goodness as COVID rates in Texas are really surging. Looking forward to your review of the Lisa Jewell book. I really like her books so I hope it’ll be a good one!

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