The Mist By Stephen King

source: personal copy
title: The Mist
author: Stephen King
genre: horror/science fiction horror
published: 1985
pages: 230
first line: This is what happened.
rated: 4 out of 5 stars

In the wake of a summer storm, terror descends…David Drayton, his son Billy, and their neighbor Brent Norton join dozens of others and head to the local grocery store to replenish supplies following a freak storm. Once there, they become trapped by a strange mist that has enveloped the town. As the confinement takes its toll on their nerves, a religious zealot, Mrs. Carmody, begins to play on their fears to convince them that this is God’s vengeance for their sins. She insists a sacrifice must be made and two groups—those for and those against—are aligned. Clearly, staying in the store may prove fatal, and the Draytons, along with store employee Ollie Weeks, Amanda Dumfries, Irene Reppler, and Dan Miller, attempt to make their escape. But what’s out there may be worse than what they left behind.
This exhilarating novella explores the horror in both the enemy you know—and the one you can only imagine.


my thoughts:
The Mist is one of my favorite King book to film adaptations, I liked both the film version and the tv mini-series which was cancelled after season 1.
One of the reasons I enjoy The Mist so much is that I like these kinds of stories based on a catastrophe that makes peoples true selves emerge. I also enjoy the post-apocalyptic stranded group of strangers setting where people need to work together to figure out a solution.

As the story begins there is a bad thunderstorm in Maine in the middle of July that brings with it a thick unnatural looking mist. David Drayton takes his son into town for supplies leaving his wife behind at their lakefront home. Once at the grocery store David realizes the mist is spreading and has enveloped the entire building. People begin to panic as they realize there is something unnatural and deadly waiting outside. David tries to keep his 8 year old son calm while also worrying about his wife back home. The group of people at the grocery store try to bond together to figure out what to do next. There is plenty of tension and danger as fear of the unknown begins to overtake people.

The setting of The Mist is great. As I said, I like these end of the world type stories. What would happen if you were stuck at a grocery store with a bunch of people with a deadly mist surrounding you? Most of the people know one another because they all live in town. I liked David and his son and I rooted for them. A few of the other characters are likeable while others not so much. King inserts a woman into the mix who begins to use religion as the cause of the mist and as a way to get others to act out in a dangerous way. This woman begins to get a following since some people begin to lose their minds over the situation. A few of the scenes are pretty gruesome in detail once the reader gets to see what is lurking in the mist.

That being said, while I enjoyed reading this novella, at times I found myself almost just going through the motions since I knew what was happening next. The film version stays pretty true to the novella, except for the ending. The ending is completely different in the book. I think I prefer the novella’s ending over the film.

King sets the mood perfectly here. He gives us a set of characters that pull us into the story and there is mystery and terror surrounding the origins of the mist making this novella the perfect dose of horror at 230 pages without too much commitment. All in all, I enjoyed reading The Mist and recommend it if you enjoy post-apocalyptic science fiction stories.

“There are things of such darkness and horror-just, I suppose, as there are things of such great beauty-that they will not fit through the puny human doors of perception.” p.226, The Mist by Stephen King

“You know what talent is? The curse of expectation.”- p.157, the Mist by Stephen King

I read The Mist as part of R.I.P. XV.


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Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 10/4/2020: Hello October

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Hi all and happy October. How did October get here so fast? I love this time of year. The weather is nice, the foliage is looking pretty and aside from all the madness in the world right now I enjoy the Autumn coziness. I hope you are all doing well. I’ve not been on blogland too much these few weeks. The steroid med side effects have been kicking my butt lately but I am finally off the month long course as of a few days ago so fingers crossed I don’t need more. As a result, I have not been able to sit at the computer for extended periods because my legs and feet have been swelling up so I’ve been crocheting alot more lately with my feet elevated to pass the time. I also really can’t be near anyone because steroids impair your immune system, so yea fun times. I watched the entire season of Ratched, I recommend it. However, if you want some crazy ass plot twists just look at the news lately. The truth really is stranger than fiction right? Bookwise, I also finished reading The Mist so I’ll share my thoughts soon on that.

onto my updates….

recently on the blog:
I shared my thoughts on The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen.

in my mailbox:

The Art of Inheriting Secrets through Amazon Prime.

Also in my mailbox, I purchased these fun book magnets over at Cult City. Total impulse buy but I like them and happily added them to my magnet collection.

I finished up a set with the special Mother’s Day yarn from my daughter.
I made myself a cowl and matching fingerless gloves. I made my set using Tunisian crochet which I love. It’s almost like combining knit and crochet, a special hook is used for this. The stitch I used is called honyecomb.

And I had leftover yarn so I whipped up a matching sweater for Otis.

Here he is modeling his new sweater. Another thing that happened this past week is Otis had to have 6 teeth pulled. He’s recovered nicely now. He is turning 7 this December and Chihuahuas are notorious for having bad teeth. I scheduled him for a teeth cleaning and once he was under anesthesia the vet called me to let me know how many of his teeth needed removing. He had to have a round of antibiotics and a few days on pain killers. He was definitely mad at me when I picked up that evening after his dental procedure so for his sake I’m relieved it’s over and done with. If you look closely at his left leg in this pic you can see where they shaved the fur down for the IV. Teeny tiny Otis.


That covers my updates this week. I’ll be blog hopping a little bit today to see what you all are up to. Enjoy your week ahead and thanks for stopping in.


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