Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 11/23/2020: Happy Thanksgiving

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Hi all. I’m still here. I took an unintended blog break and was gone so long I forgot about the annoying WordPress update until I started this post lol. Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Much has happened since I last posted and I have not made time for blogging.
The election is over and done with thank goodness for that. Covid cases have skyrocketed again now that the second wave is here…or is this considered the third wave? We’re at over four thousand positive cases a day in New Jersey. I’m still working from home and my job extended that into 2021 so I am very grateful. My husband however has been back out to work since the summer.

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is this week. We’re staying home and I’m cooking and baking then dropping off food at my parents doorstep for them. My mom is making side dishes which I’ll pick up from her. We usually have Thanksgiving together but decided to celebrate separately this year while still sharing dinner and desserts this way. What are you doing this Thanksgiving? Do you cook?

Like I said much has happened since last month. We took a pretty weekend road trip to the Adirondacks in October and enjoyed the gorgeous Fall foliage there. I will share pics at the end of this post. It’s strange traveling during these times but we found a private cabin again and we social distanced as usual and we really enjoyed the trip. I got to visit Ulysses S. Grant cottage while we were out there and that was the highlight of the visit for me. The Civil War history nerd in me was on Cloud 9.

Also, I fell right before Halloween and wound up on crutches for over 2 weeks. I had an x-ray done, thankfully it’s not broken just a badly sprained ankle and I pulled a few tendons. I’m now fully off the crutches this past week. Yep. Crazy times. p.s. Using crutches is painful. I never knew that before. It makes your body sore since you’re walking awkwardly and using muscles you’re not used to using.

Onto a few bookish updates…..

I have to say I suck at reading lately and have not been able to focus on any single book. I’m trying though so maybe I’ll be able to get back on track this week since I have a short 2 day work week this week.

in my mailbox:

I purchased a copy of The Complete Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant when I visited Grant cottage. They have a small gift shop on the property.
Grounds for Murder (A Coffee Lover’s Mystery Book 1) arrived via BookTrib/ Meryl Moss Media. How cute is this cover? And I like the coffee theme.

recently on the blog:
My thoughts on The Mist.


That covers my updates. I have crochet to share but I will do that next updates post since this one is already kind of long. I will close with a few photos of our October road trip to the Adirondacks.
What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments. I will be doing more blog hopping this week. Stay well and Happy Thanksgiving to those in the U.S. who celebrate.

The views from the cabin where we stayed. It was very picturesque.

They had a beautiful pond on the property and lovely Koi fish.

We visited Grant cottage which I had no idea existed until I watched the documentary Grant a few months ago. I booked us a private socially distanced tour and we got to see all the rooms and we walked the grounds. It was really great getting to see such a fascinating historical spot. All the original furniture is still there and Grant’s bed is there with a portrait of Lincoln above it. It was almost like walking into a time capsule.
Ulysses S. Grant spent his last years here and he passed away in this cottage in Upstate NY in 1885. The photo above are his funeral flowers. They do not know why these haven’t disintegrated after all this time.

He would sit out here and write his memoir. I think he passed away about 3 days after finishing it.

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 11/23/2020: Happy Thanksgiving

  1. What gorgeous pictures from you trip! We have felt better just staying home all year. We aren’t going anywhere for Thanksgiving and I cook every day. I don’t know if we will do anything more special. It’s great that your job has extended work from home. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I’m glad to hear you are doing it safely and hope you get to relax and read a bit more this holiday week!

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

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  2. Hi Naida,

    It is good to have you back in Blogland. You have been missed and I hope that your ankle is well on the way to full recovery by now.

    I think you are very brave going to stay away anywhere, no matter how socially distanced and how beautiful the place is (I am totally jealous by the way 🙂 ). We are back in a month long second lockdown, which is due to end on December 2nd, so we have just been leaving the house to go for short exercise walks.

    It looks as though you still have some amazing weather over there. Whilst it hasn’t been particularly cold out here, it has been quite dreary and overcast and the winds have made short work of the lovely autumn leaf displays, which is a real shame.

    It looks as though the sway of public opinion has won out and the rules are all due to be relaxed for 5 days over Christmas, so that families and friends can get together. Sorry! but with the cases still sky high we shall be very firmly staying at home for our own little Christmas this year, especially with my niece’s two children still going to school every day. I guess there will be another lockdown to look forward to in the New Year now.

    I shall look forward to seeing your latest crochet creations post soon and I hope that you have some good books which are finally calling to you.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving

    Take Care and Stay Safe 🙂

    Yvonne xx

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    • Thanks Yvonne, I’ve missed blogland also. My ankle is getting better and I’m glad to be off the crutches but I miss going on walks still. It’s been a scary year for venturing out and that was our second road trip to the same place. Traveling definitely comes with its added stress now.

      Those pictures are from mid-October. The weather has gotten colder and the colorful leaves are pretty much gone where I live. I don’t like these upcoming long winter months.

      That’s crazy that they are easing up restrictions for holidays, I’ve heard of other countries doing that too. We will be home also.
      Happy reading this week and enjoy your walks!


  3. I am glad you are off the crutches. I cannot stand those things. Hopefully your ankle is feeling 100% again. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos. I am glad you had a great time. It sounds lovely!

    We will have a quiet Thanksgiving as we always do. Just the three of us. I know for many it will be so different this year. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe.

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  4. Your Adirondacks trip sounds awesome. It’s always so good to get away. Great pics!

    I’ll have to check out your post on The Mist. I’ haven’t read it but watched the movie and did a post on it some time ago.

    I hate crutches haha!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  5. The book on Grant sounds interesting. I bought a book from a museum gift shop, mine was about Brunel, and it was so good, much better than I was expecting. I hope you’ll be just as happy with your book.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Sorry to hear about your fall. I am glad to hear that nothing was broken.

    I am also staying close to home for the holiday.

    It looks like you had a nice trip. I would like to visit Grant’s cottage.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. That looks and sounds like a great trip! Thanks for sharing the pictures and information. I love visiting historical places too.
    I hope your ankle is healing with little pain
    Happy Thanksgiving and maybe you’ll get back to some good reading too!


  8. My town reached the 2nd wave first in our country. We had more cases for 2 weeks in October than the entire of the year *headdesk* but it calmed down. I hope it does for you too


  9. Hi, Naida! I hope you have a relaxing Thanksgiving break. We are having a much smaller dinner gathering this year due to COVID concerns. Your Adirondacks photos are gorgeous.


  10. So good to see a post from you. I’m sorry about your sprained ankle but glad you are healed! I love the way you and your parents celebrated Thanksgiving. Not quite the same but at least still sharing some of the good food. I hope you’re enjoying a long weekend and thank you for sharing pictures from your trip. I’d love to go there one day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Iliana! Thank you for stopping by. I’m just seeing your comment now. We’re doing well. I’ve been working so much from home still that I stopped blogging for some time but plan on coming back. I hope you and your family are doing well also. xo


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