Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 4/11/2021: Updates

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Good morning all, happy weekend. It’s hard to believe we are halfway through April already. I like this time of year though, the longer days, the weather warms up and the flowers start to blossom…

I got my first dose of the vaccine two weeks ago. I’m not going to lie, I was excited but also nervous. Thank goodness it went well and my second dose is in a few weeks. I had minor side effects, mainly strong arm pain from my shoulder to my hand but once that peaked around 8 hours after the shot it started to get better and I was back to normal within 48 hours. I feel so much better just knowing I’m halfway there to being fully vaccinated. My husband got his first dose last week and had zero side effects.

On another note, I’ve decided I’ll be doing these Sunday updates every other Sunday because it fits a little better with my schedule. Plus, I’m usually a slow reader and I don’t like to only post Sunday updates with no book reviews in between.

Onto more updates…

in my mailbox this week (both perfect for National Poetry Month):

Impermanence by Ren Powell via Poetic Book Tours for an April 28th review.

Garden in a Seed by Nazanin Mirsadeghi arrived via the publisher for an April post.

Recently on the blog
I shared my thoughts on Puppy Kisses by Lucy Gilmore. This was nice contemporary romance with puppy rescue in the plot.

Coming soon:

A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay . Um scared much? Yes. I finally started this one and am breezing through it, but I can’t read it late at night before bed like I usually do with my current reads.

Also, Dewey’s Read-A-Thon is April 24. Will you be reading along? I will be this year.

I’ve been working on a granny square shawl for the past several weeks and am nearing the end of the project. I wanted to use mainly Spring/Summer colors, mostly yellow. Here are the granny squares in progress and while being blocked.


My daughter and I are hooked on The Witcher on Netflix. Have you watched it? So good!

That covers my updates for now. Thanks for stopping by. What are you up to lately? Happy reading this week!

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29 thoughts on “Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 4/11/2021: Updates

  1. Hi Naida,

    Over here in the UK we are having to wait for 12 weeks between our two vaccinations, so both of us are not due our second shots until May, which can’t come soon enough, although they are now saying that we may all have to have another booster shot before the winter. I do hope this constant round of injections is not going to be the future forever!

    I love the shawl and was really interested to see how you blocked the squares, you really are so clever and I am looking forward to seeing the finished item.

    we had a very unusually warm March over here, however that kind of lulled us into a very false sense of security, as today, not only did we have a few spells of lovely sunshine, but we had strong winds, some rain, and yes! some snow too! – Who wants to go out too far when you have no idea what weather to dress for!

    I managed to find an extract of poems from ‘Garden In A Seed’ and I think you are going to enjoy that one, as well as looking at that lovely cover art.

    I quite like the sound of ‘A Head Full Of Ghosts’, so I shall be keen to see what you think of that one. It is a bit different from my usual reading, but sounds intriguing!

    I can see where you are coming from with cutting back on some of your posts, publishing on a regular basis can often be quite a challenge when other things in your life demand attention. I have quite a full Blog Tour Review schedule right now, so I am concentrating on that and only posting into memes, as and when I have the time, and it is much less stressful.

    Have a great week and Happy Reading 🙂

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    • Hi Yvonne, I heard about the booster shot as well. May is right around the corner so it’s good you’ll have the second shot. I heard these vaccines may be a yearly thing moving forward for some time, like the flu shot.
      Thanks, I want to finish up the shawl hopefully within the next few weeks.
      We are having a few cold and rainy days here this week but it’s nice for staying inside and reading after work.

      My Head Full of Ghosts review will be up this week 🙂 It’s easier for me to post a bi-weekly update this way I can get more review posts in between.

      Enjoy your week ahead and happy reading also!


  2. Glad you are getting your vaccinations which should give us all a little more confidence.
    Blogging should be comfortable with your schedule – not stressful.
    The quilt is looking lovely.
    I listened to the first Witcher book and thought it was good but not getting more just yet.
    Enjoy your reading!

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  3. Yay for the vaccine! I had the one shot J&J ten days ago – no side effects at all.
    Every time I see your crochet projects I’m so tempted to give it a try. Lovely colors!

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  4. Must be good to get that first vaccination out of the way. I hear the second one is much better. I love the squares and the colours you’ve used. Between reading and knitting I have no time for TV but I hear everyone talking about The Witcher. I can’t read ghost stories at all.

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  5. I cried when I got my first shot. I felt like I finally could go out into the world without worrying every second.

    Love the granny squares. That’s going to be fabulous.

    I think it’s fine to post every week or every other week or once a month or any other time you wish. Have a great week.

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  6. So glad you got your first dose. Ours is in a couple of weeks too. My arm was totally hurting and I am a bit nervous about the second shot but I’m ready! Yay for poetry books and really curious to hear about the Paul Tremblay book. I read one of his books a couple of years ago and it was so spooky. Loved it. Have a great week ahead!

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  7. Congratulations on your first shot! I get my second one next week.

    I am apparently the only person in the world who didn’t love The Witcher and I normally love that kind of show. I think my husband will be happy to watch the next season without me. I’m glad you’re enjoying it though!

    Your shawl is beautiful! I crocheted a granny square blanket when I was pretty young. My grandmother put all the squares together for me. I still have it and I don’t know how she managed to do it. Some squares are gigantic and loose and others are small and tight. It must have been a labor of love.

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    • Thanks and congrats to you too!
      I really got hooked on The Witcher lol. Can’t wait for season 2.
      How nice you have the blanket and that your grandma put it together for you!
      Enjoy your books this week. 🙂


  8. I like this time of year too. Being able to open the windows during the day and hear the birds chirping. I am glad you and your husband have gotten your first vaccine doses. It seems like cause to celebrate even though it’s such a small thing. Although not so small if it helps us return to some semblance of normal . . . My husband got his first shot down last week. I’m fully vaccinated.

    I hope you are enjoying Impermanence. It sounds like a good collection and I look forward to your thoughts on it. Garden in a Seed is new to me but sounds good as well.

    I need to watch Witcher still. My husband really likes it and think I will too.

    I hope you have a a great weekend!

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