Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 8/29/21: Goodbye August and Upcoming Giveaway

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Hello and happy weekend. I hope you are doing well. I haven’t been on blog-land as much as I would like to. I like to use up most of my vacation time during the Summer and Fall months so I end up taking 5 day extended weekends which has been nice. We’ve taken a few day trips here and there including a recent trip into NYC. It was our first time in the city since the pandemic began. I’ll include a few photos at the end of the post.
I also have some exciting bookish news to share. Author Ivy Keating has generously offered to do a giveaway here on my blog. The giveaway post will be up on Monday September 6th. Please come back for that you won’t want to miss out. There will be 2 winners. If you are a regular here at my blog you might remember I reviewed Ivy’s book Sarana and the Dark King this past June.

onto more updates….

coming soon:
I finally finished reading The Bookshop Murder by Merryn Allingham so my thoughts will be up this week.

in my mailbox:
Ivy Keating kindly sent me hard copies of both her books Camouflauge and Sarana and the Dark King, as well as bookmarks and pens. How nice is that 🙂 I’ve happily added these two to my book collection. As I mentioned, please stop in on September 6th for the upcoming giveaway details.

I have several projects I want to share and here is one I finished up this summer, a tank top for my daughter.


That wraps up my updates for now. What have you been up to? How is your summer going? Thanks for stopping in, I’ll close with a few NYC pics.

We recently went to the new Harry Potter store in New York. There’s a virtual que you wait on and the wait was a little over 3 hours to get in but it gave us plenty of time to walk around NYC and have a nice lunch outdoors. They text you when it’s your turn to enter the store.

The empire State Building in the pic above.

This is inside the store.

Here I am. It’s me. I love this cool archway of books in the store.

My house is Slytherin, here are a few of the souvenirs I came home with. Among my souvenirs is Snape’s wand. I couldn’t help myself. Then I was inspired to crochet Otis a little blanket in Slytherin house colors.
Otis says enjoy your week and tell us what you’ve been up to.

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31 thoughts on “Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 8/29/21: Goodbye August and Upcoming Giveaway

  1. I’m glad you are getting to travel and do so many fun things and still staying safe. I love seeing the yarn projects. My knitting has fallen by the wayside for computer and house / yard projects this year. That’s so exciting about your connection with the author.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

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  2. Hi Naida,

    Great to have you back in Blogland for a visit and I am pleased that you have begun to venture out and about a bit more, in relative safety.

    The new cases here are still horrendously high, despite the number of double jabbed going up too. It looks very much as though the efficacy of a double Astra Zeneca jab is wearing off after about 5 months, so the early double jabbed are proving to be vulnerable again! Not good news when my husband’s office are now insisting that everyone goes back in full time with no distancing, masks or screens. Even worse that he has a customer facing role and the clients don’t need to mask up either. It made all those months of protecting him because he was vulnerable, a bit of a waste of time!

    I love the peach tank top, it looks so easy to wear and I hope that we get a bit more summer sunshine yet, so that your daughter can show it off!

    I really enjoyed ‘The Bookshop Murder’ too, however my review won’t be published until late September, to coincide with the publisher Blog Tour.

    My schedule of Blog Tour Reviews is beginning to overflow again so I am going to have to monitor that quite closely as I don’t want to get too tight with my reading deadlines. I am really only using Fiction Books as a review site now, with maybe just one or two random posts creeping in occasionally. I just couldn’t keep up with all the other memes I took part in alongside the reviews, it was all getting too stressful!

    It is a late summer long weekend holiday here, so making the most of relaxing in the garden. Take care and I’ll catch up with you again soon! 🙂 xx

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    • Hi Yvonne, it’s scary with the numbers high again here also. That’s crazy your husband will be back with no mask mandates or social distancing at work. I think a lot of people think this is all over already when it’s not. They’ll be rolling out the booster shots here beginning in September supposedly.
      Thanks, the peach tank top was fun to make and it fits her perfectly.
      I look forward to reading your thoughts on The Bookshop Murder too. I’m slowly but surely getting through my NetGalley review books but my reading has slowed down a lot these few months because I turn to crochet instead in my free time. I know, with so many pending reviews it can get overwhelming. It’s hard to fit in time to review plus post memes. The meme posts are fun but time consuming too. I hope you get to relax on your long weekend and enjoy the time outside in the garden. Happy reading this week! Stay well.


      • It looks as though the government has done a ‘U’ turn on the booster shots. It was going to be for all over 50s, but now it is only going to be for the top group of the very vulnerable people, so it doesn’t look as though Dave will get his shot either.

        As he works for the government though, and they are the ones telling everyone to get back to normal for the sake of the economy, the staff have been told they have to lead by example. Let’s just hope they don’t live to regret that decision. I think it is madness when he can do his job fine from home!

        I think that you have a long weekend this Monday too, don’t you? If I have that right, I hope that you enjoy the break and relax 🙂 xxx

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    • Hi Yvonne, ugh “ lead by example”? Seriously? It’s amazing how they want people in the office who can do their jobs perfectly from home. Makes zero sense. Hopefully you both will get the booster shots though. They are starting here with the most vulnerable also. Same as when they first rolled out the vaccines. You’d think they’d of had enough time by now to make enough boosters for everyone.

      We have Labor Day here on Monday and I’m off work this week through next week so I’m enjoying my time relaxing and sleeping in. I’m catching up on some blogging and aim to read one book while I’m off. We’ve had Hurricane Ida come through Wednesday so there’s flooding around a lot of the area but luckily we didn’t get it bad at home. Stay well this week!

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  3. Love the picture of you with the books archway! How fun to be out and about in NYC. I bet it’s so different now. And, the tank top for your daughter looks great. Hope you continue to enjoy your time off. Well deserved!

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    • Thanks Iliana. The HP store and NYC were fun to visit. It’s been so long since we went into the city. Funny it didn’t seem too different, less crowded I think.
      Enjoy your books this week and I hope you’re having a nice summer also 🙂


  4. Really nice photos. I’m glad you’re getting your crochet projects in too. The blanket for Otis is lovely.
    The Bookshop Murder cover is enticing. And Camouflage looks good with a prehistoric creature.
    Have a good week and Happy Reading!

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  5. I am glad you have been able to enjoy some time away, Naida. Thank you for sharing the photos! Although I have been to upstate New York, I have never made it to NYC. Maybe one day. The photo of Otis with his blanket made me smile. Have a great week!

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