Top Ten Tuesday 1/17/23: Bookish Goals for 2023

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Happy Tuesday. Today’s topic is another really good one: Bookish Goals for 2023.

Otis and I have a few bookish goals for this upcoming year, here are our top ten.

1. Read 50 Books
This is easier said than done with everyday life being so busy but I’m going to aim to read every day this year, even if it’s just a few pages. I’ve been doing so since the start of the year and I know I can reach my reading goal this way.

2. Get to the library
I’d like to get to the library this year and start borrowing audio books again.

3. Organize my bookshelves
I want to organize my shelves and weed a few books out to donate. This is easier said than done because whenever I try to organize my books, I wind up talking about the books I’m organizing to my daughter or whoever is within earshot, and nothing gets accomplished.

4. Blog regularly
Every year I take blogging breaks but I still want to make sure to keep up with my book blogging on a regular basis.

5. Tackle my pending review books
I have to tackle my pending NetGalley books and other pending review books within the next 4 months. I know it’s possible.

6. Discover new authors
I’d like to branch out and read new to me authors. I tend to stick with the same favorites.

7. Go to Barnes & Noble
I’ve been meaning to go to B&N for years literally. I haven’t set foot in there since pre-pandemic. The one I like has 2 floors.

8. Read this stack of books specifically.

This is a pile of books from my TBR mountain that I want to make sure I read this year.

9. Read a selection from Reese’s Book Club.
I follow her on Instagram and she seems to pick some great reads.

10. Find more book blogs to follow.
I enjoy finding new book blogs!

That wraps up my reading goals this year, what are yours? Happy reading this week. 🙂

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is available for download. The photos here are my own and not be to be removed from this post.

44 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday 1/17/23: Bookish Goals for 2023

  1. Wow! You have made me feel tired just reading your list!

    I really think you’ll need to teach Otis to speed read, to help you meet all those bookish objectives 🙂

    I have only set myself a target to read 20 books on the Goodreads Challenge. I do hope to achieve many more than that, but I tend to use the link as a way to see al the titles I have read during the year in one place.

    Other than that – Yes, I would like to work through a few of the physical books on my shelves, instead of just concentrating on my Kindle pile (That however would require me to stop downloading any more books and I do so suffer with ‘itchy finger’ syndrome!)

    But my primary goal this year is to remove all the stress and go back to what I really enjoy doing the most – reading as a hobby and for my pleasure.

    Good Luck with all your challenges 🙂

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    • lol, Otis knows we have a lot of reading goals to mee this year and he’s trying hard. I like Goodreads for that reason also, it’s great for keeping track of reading and reviews. It’s hard to resist e-books!
      And yes, reading for fun is the most important thing. Enjoy your books this week!


  2. With Otis as your reading buddy I think you can meet these goals 🙂 He’s too cute! Lots of great goals but I’m totally laughing over #3. I can relate. Hope you get to go to B&N soon. How cool that yours is a two story one.

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