Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 2/26/23: Book updates and I finished GOT

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Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came in their mailbox during the last week. Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists…

Happy weekend. This week flew right by because Monday was a holiday and I was off work. The temps have been really colder here this past week with flurries and sleet. I’m just glad February is on the way out. Otis and I had to skip our walks for most of the week because it was too cold but we did get out there twice for a quick walk.

Onto my bookish updates…

recently on the blog:

I took part in a book blast for Book Spotlight: Cowboys and Chaos (Magical Mystery Book Club #3) by Elizabeth Pantley.

currently reading:
I’m glad I read 4 books in January because I have not finished one single book in February so far. I think this is because I’ve been so immersed in watching GoT on my free time. I’ve basically been reading the same 2 books all month long here and there. My goal is to finally finish one of those books by tomorrow and get my thoughts up this week, I’m halfway done with both books. One is a non-fiction about cadavers and the second book takes place in the Gilded Age NYC. Can you guess the titles? 🙂

in my mailbox:

Author Kate Brandt kindly sent me her novel Hope for the Worst for an early April review. This one sounds good and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Love You Now by Julia Kent arrived via Xpresso Book tours. I like this cover.

Also in my mailbox, not a book is a replacement crochet hook. I love Furl’s crochet hooks. They’re on the pricier side but so worth it since they are really comfortable on the wrist and hand, they glide smoothly through the stitches, plus they are gorgeous. I have 7 in my collection that I’ve gotten as gifts throughout the years. And I treated myself to their Sagittarius hook last November on Black Friday as an early bday gift. To my surprise the hook broke when I was crocheting a few weeks ago. I’ve never broken a crochet hook before and I’ve put my larger Furls especially through alot of use, with double stranding the yarn and making the stitches tight for stuffed animals. The hook that broke was a smaller sized 4.50 and I wasn’t being rough with it. So I emailed Furls support that my hook snapped after just a few uses and they replaced it free of charge within 2 weeks. The hook on the right is the one that snapped and the one of the left is my replacement. I’m so happy with their customer service.

watching: *GOT spoiler alert coming so scroll past if you don’t want spoilers*
I finished watching GOT this past week. *sigh* I still am feeling the emotions over it, and I miss it already. I loved this show, so many of the episodes were movie quality. The actors were phenomenal, I liked so many of these characters. Sir Davos, Sir Jorah, Lady Brienne, even Jaime Lannister…and I’m glad Theon finally redeemed himself.

I wasn’t too happy with the ending though. Jon should have gotten that damn throne and he should have wanted it and gone for it. I liked Dany at first but she got totally out of control. And when they killed her two dragons and the Night King turned Viserion into one of the undead omg. I hadn’t even imagined something like that was coming. The series had such awesome special effects.

It’s too much to get into it all but I will say Arya was my top favorite character second to Jon, I liked how her storyline went and that she became a fighter. I had to suspend disbelief for the last season though. There is no way in HELL that the Dothraki and the Unsullied would have let Jon Snow live after he killed Daenerys.

I’ll be watching House of the Dragon but for now I can’t even watch anything yet lol. I have a major series hangover now after nothing but GOT since early January.

Also of note, I went with my mom to a Marc Anthony concert last Saturday night for the first time since the pandemic hit. We drove over 2 hours to and from the venue in Atlantic City Saturday evening and we didn’t get home until nearly 3am Sunday morning. (Me whose usually in bed by 8:30pm with my book, my tea and rain ambience playing but not if Marc Anthony’s in town.) I’ve been Marc Anthony obsessed since I was 17 years old. My mom and I have gone to so many of his concerts the past 20 years we’ve lost count. We always go together, it’s our little tradition.

That wraps up my updates this week. I hope you enjoy your weekend. What are you reading/watching?
I’ll close with a favorite Marc Anthony song. This is my ringtone. 🙂

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is available for download. The photos here are my own and not be to be removed from this post.

23 thoughts on “Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 2/26/23: Book updates and I finished GOT

  1. We all felt that way after the GOT finale.. confused, disappointed and hungover. My husband watched the House of Dragon earlier in the year.. I passed. Nothing will ever compare to GOT.
    Love that you and your mom went to a Marc Anthony concert.. was a great tradition.

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  2. It’s wild to me that you live so close and yet I guess because of the higher elevations had more cold and flurries when we even had 80s last week. I hope it moderates this week and you will be able to get out more. Skacel does the same for knitting needles but I haven’t broken one. My daughter broke one about a month ago which prompted our ordering some new ones and making the circular needle holder.

    Anne – Books of My Heart

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    • 80’s! We’re getting snow tomorrow night so today the grocery store and bakery were so crowded with the pending snow coming. I’m hoping it’s not too much snow. I hadn’t heard of Skacel before, I just googled them now.
      Enjoy your week!


  3. It’s been really cold here too. And I’m with you on the GoT ending. I didn’t like what they did w/ Daenerys. I’m hoping Martin does things differently in the books (if they ever finish!)

    That looks like a faublous concert 🙂

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  4. So great that you and your mom have that connection and tradition. I think I will look for a tradition to start with my daughter and granddaughters. I watched the video and liked that song.
    Oh yes, GOT hangover – I remember. My hubby wanted to start all over again! That ending was difficult.
    Glad you got the crochet hook replaced. That is a good comment on their service.
    Cowboys and Chaos looks so cute. Hope you get the reading done you want to. Happy Reading!


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