Top Ten Tuesday 3/7/23: Bookish People I’d Like to Meet

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Happy Tuesday. This week’s topic is another really fun one: Bookish People I’d Like To Meet (These can be authors, book characters, book bloggers/influencers, cover designers, cover models, etc.)

I’d need to time travel for some of these but a girl can dream. Here’s my list….

1. Jane Austen
She’s one of my favorites and how interesting would it be to meet her to know what her daily life was like. I’ve watched Becoming Jane so many times.

2. Ulysses S. Grant
My favorite president and he was a reader and wrote a memoir before passing away. It’s amazing we don’t know what so many of these older historical figures sounded like since tape recorders weren’t invented during their time.

3. Stephen King
I’m a huge King fan and I tried to get tickets to one of his speaking events in Massachusetts pre-pandemic. I went onto the venue website once the purchase link went live but with the amount of people trying to buy tickets at once, the site crashed. I was willing to drive the nearly 5 hours there just to hear him speak about his latest book.

4. My fellow book bloggers
And I’ve known some of you online for several years, we’ve been chatting books and visiting each other’s blog for so long. Much of my reading selection is due to my fellow blog blogging friends.

5. J.K. Rowling
I’d love to meet her, I read the HP series 2x.

6. Kahlil Gibran
The Prophet is one of my favorite books. I think a conversation with him would be really interesting.

7. Dean Koontz
I’d like to meet Dean Koontz. He seems so nice and like he has a great sense of humor.

8. Pablo Neruda
I love his poetry. My copy of Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair is well read.

9. Vincent van Gogh
How amazing would it be to speak with Van Gogh? I have a book of his insightful thoughts and quotes.

10. Emily Brontë
Wuthering Heights is a favorite classic, I want to talk about Heathcliff with her.

That wraps up my list of bookish people I’d love to meet. Who would be on your list?

Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 3/5/23: Hello March

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came in their mailbox during the last week. Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists…

Happy Sunday and happy March. We had a few inches of snow this past week but since it was the first real snowfall of the season I didn’t mind it much. It was pretty to see and I worked remotely so I didn’t have to drive out in it. I’m still waiting for Spring and warmer temps. I miss reading and crocheting outside.

onto my bookish updates….

recently on the blog:

I shared my Top 10 Favorite Thrillers for TTT. I added a few new books to my wish list also after blog hopping.

I took part in the book blast for Book Blast and Giveaway: Love You Now by Julia Kent

in my mailbox:

Author Sheila Roberts emailed me a copy of her latest Mermaid Beach for a book tour. This one looks so good.

I’m still GoT hungover. I discussed the series with my SIL this week since she watched the series a few years ago and we both had the same issues with several things and with the ending.
This week I started watching The Last of Us and it is fantastic and scary and I do have to look away during some of the scenes. I would never survive in that kind of apocalyptic setting, I’d have a better chance of surviving a regular zombie apocalypse. Have you watched this yet? New episodes are on Sundays with the last episode coming on March 12. I’m on episode 5 so far.

I’m working on a hexagon cardigan following one of my fav crochet designer’s tutorials. I like this pattern because you make 2 matching hexagons then fold and seam them together then make the sleeves as long as you want. I’ve made one of these before but it turned out a little bit too bulky for my taste, so this time I’m using a category 3 baby yarn for the main grey color and a cotton yarn for the contrasting pink. This yarn is lighter so this will be nice for the Spring. Both left and right sides are ready now, then after I seam them together I can start making the sleeves longer and add the cuffs.

That wraps up my updates for now. I need to do a self-imposed read-a-thon. I have no reading motivation these past few weeks! What are you up to lately? Enjoy your week ahead.

I took this photo this morning of Otis on our walk by the lake.

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Book Blast and Giveaway: Love You Now by Julia Kent

Hi all, today I’m taking part in the book blitz for Love You Now (Love You, Maine, #4) by Julia Kent. Read on for info about the book and the author and the link to enter to win an Amazon 25$ e-gift card.

Publication date: February 28th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Ana DaSilva is looking for a palate cleanser. A one night stand. A reboot.
Instead, she got fireworks, sparks, chemistry, and the perfect guy. No one wants to meet Mr. Right when he should just be Mr. Rebound, but Mr. Right is so, so right.

But then he went from Mr. Right to Mr. Never, because when she learns she’s pregnant three days after that wonderful night with Dennis, she realizes her sleazy drug dealing ex not only left her with the legal mess she knew about, he gave her a life-long present.

One that means ignoring Dennis’ texts and phone calls, no matter how much she wants to answer.

Dennis Luview wants to escape his pain. Coming back to his hometown of Luview, Maine – the cheesy tourist trap where every day was Valentine’s Day – means facing a past he left behind twenty-four years ago.

Yes, his family is loving, and sure, he has roots that go bone-deep in the small town community where people step up for each other.

But the naive eighteen-year-old who left to serve his country is now a retired Special Ops vet with a heavy entourage of ghosts and PTSD. No woman deserves all the baggage he’s lugging around.

Including Ana, who clearly wants nothing to do with him, no matter how intense their one haunting encounter really was.
It’s one thing to have ghosts, and quite another to be ghosted.

Which is why six months after that hot night, he’s stunned to find her in his hometown, at a bridal shower, her ripe, pregnant belly swelling under a gorgeous yellow sundress.

A public confrontation turns into a very private reunion, and as Dennis pursues Ana she opens up, but is he crazy to want her — and what turns out to be another man’s baby — to settle down and find stability and love?

Or is he deluding himself that he’s remotely worth the happiness an instant family could offer, after his terrible past?






Author Bio:
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge. Since 2013, she has sold more than 2 million books, with 4 New York Times bestsellers and more than 21 appearances on the USA Today bestseller list. Her books have been translated into French, German, and Italian, with more titles releasing in the future.
From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men’s room toilet (and he isn’t a billionaire she met in a romantic comedy).

She lives in New England with her husband and three children where she is the only person in the household with the gene required to change empty toilet paper rolls.

She loves to hear from her readers by email at, on Twitter @jkentauthor, on Facebook at @jkentauthor, and on Instagram @jkentauthor. Visit her at

Social Media Links:
Amazon Author Page:

“If I thought you’d say yes, Ana, I’d ask you to come back to my hotel room and finish what we’re starting here.” “What makes you think I’d say no?” The way he laughed, a gentle huff! through his nose, made a piece of her heart melt a little more.

Most women would say yes or no to that. Instead, you open the question wide and give it nuance.”

“What’s wrong with nuance?”

“Never said there was anything wrong with it.”

“From what I’ve seen, you are a crystal-clear man, Dennis. Why don’t you try the direct approach?”

Inching closer, his inhale like the rush of a conch against her ear, Dennis smiled, his grin broadening, genuine happiness filling his features in a way that made her feel pride.

Pride that she could elicit that from him.

“Come to bed with me, Ana. I love the feel of you in my arms on the dance floor. Your kiss tastes so good, I want to taste all of you. My room or yours?”

Pure energy shot through her, most of it between her legs, coalescing into a throb. Fire lit up her skin, his caress as he cupped her jaw and kissed her again so anchoring.

And so damn hot.

Few moments in life call for complete abandon, but for Ana DaSilva, this was one of them.

Without question.

Without hesitation.

And without regrets.

Giveaway details:
To enter to win a 25$ Amazon e-gift card: CLICK HERE– ends March 9th.

Special thanks to Xpresso Book Tours for making this possible.

Top Ten Tuesday 2/28/23: Genre Freebie-My Favorite Thrillers

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Hello and Happy Tuesday. This week’s topic was too fun to miss out on: Genre Freebie (Pick a genre and build a list around it. It could be a list of favorites, a to-read list, recommendations for people interested in reading books in that genre, “if you like this, try this”, etc.)

I love a good thrilling book to get my heart racing. This genre can branch out in so many different directions, supernatural, mystery, crime and suspense, and I really love a good, gritty, psychological thriller to keep me guessing. Today Otis and I are adding to your TBR mountain, so without further ado, here’s our:
Top 10 Favorite Thrillers with a few extra books snuck in here and there.

1. The Outsider by Stephen King
Was this book phenomenal? Yes it was. And the mini-series was awesome too. I read then watched this at the height of the pandemic and it really helped get my mind off stressful things.

2. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
I’ve read all 3 books by this author, watched all 3 film adaptations of her books and I have been waiting, wishing and praying she writes another full-length novel. I wish I could read Dark Places again for the first time, that’s how amazing this book was. It’s dark, twisted, sad and an absolute thrill ride. Gillian Flynn is an easy favorite of mine in this genre.

3. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
Another Gillian Flynn novel that had me captivated! I won’t include Gone Girl on this list in order to make room for other authors, but Gone Girl could easily be on this list.

4.The Taking by Dean Koontz, and so many more of his books like the Odd Thomas series and Life Expectancy, because I can always enjoy a dash of science-fiction and suspense in with my thrillers. I never get tired of telling the story about how Dean Koontz is awesome. He personally autographed and mailed me a first edition hard cover copy of The Taking after I wrote him a fan mail with a small crocheted elephant I made for him. I still remember standing in my kitchen completely stunned and silent for several minutes when I opened a package from Dean Koontz himself.

5.Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter
I’ve read a few Karin Slaughter books and this is by far my favorite of hers. I was on the edge of my seat late into the night reading.

6.Later by Stephen King
Another King book for my list, this one is a coming-of-age paranormal thriller that had me hooked. I co-read this with my daughter. She’s not a King fan, but she really enjoyed this one.

7.Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell
No top crime thriller book list would be complete without Lisa Jewell. This book is one of my favorites of hers.

8.Her Three Lives by Cate Holahan
This is one of 2 books I’ve read by this author, and she tends to have slow starts to her books but once they take off I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.

9.Mind Games (Kaely Quinn Profiler #1) by Nancy Mehl
The protagonist in this one is an FBI behavior analyst who is also the daughter of a notorious serial killer. This one was so good.

10.Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls by James Patterson.
I’m including these together since they kick off the Alex cross series and both were fantastic. I read book 3 in the series but didn’t enjoy it as much.

It was so hard stopping at just 10 so I’m sneaking in one more book.
11. Mind of Winter by Laura Kasischke
This one was a creepy, twisted thriller that shocked me at the end. I still remember finishing this book while sitting outside of Starbucks and not wanting to gasp too loudly since I was reading in public.

That wraps up my Top 10+ thrillers. What books would make your list? Have you read any of these?

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is available for download. The photos here are my own and not be to be removed from this post.

Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 2/26/23: Book updates and I finished GOT

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came in their mailbox during the last week. Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists…

Happy weekend. This week flew right by because Monday was a holiday and I was off work. The temps have been really colder here this past week with flurries and sleet. I’m just glad February is on the way out. Otis and I had to skip our walks for most of the week because it was too cold but we did get out there twice for a quick walk.

Onto my bookish updates…

recently on the blog:

I took part in a book blast for Book Spotlight: Cowboys and Chaos (Magical Mystery Book Club #3) by Elizabeth Pantley.

currently reading:
I’m glad I read 4 books in January because I have not finished one single book in February so far. I think this is because I’ve been so immersed in watching GoT on my free time. I’ve basically been reading the same 2 books all month long here and there. My goal is to finally finish one of those books by tomorrow and get my thoughts up this week, I’m halfway done with both books. One is a non-fiction about cadavers and the second book takes place in the Gilded Age NYC. Can you guess the titles? 🙂

in my mailbox:

Author Kate Brandt kindly sent me her novel Hope for the Worst for an early April review. This one sounds good and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Love You Now by Julia Kent arrived via Xpresso Book tours. I like this cover.

Also in my mailbox, not a book is a replacement crochet hook. I love Furl’s crochet hooks. They’re on the pricier side but so worth it since they are really comfortable on the wrist and hand, they glide smoothly through the stitches, plus they are gorgeous. I have 7 in my collection that I’ve gotten as gifts throughout the years. And I treated myself to their Sagittarius hook last November on Black Friday as an early bday gift. To my surprise the hook broke when I was crocheting a few weeks ago. I’ve never broken a crochet hook before and I’ve put my larger Furls especially through alot of use, with double stranding the yarn and making the stitches tight for stuffed animals. The hook that broke was a smaller sized 4.50 and I wasn’t being rough with it. So I emailed Furls support that my hook snapped after just a few uses and they replaced it free of charge within 2 weeks. The hook on the right is the one that snapped and the one of the left is my replacement. I’m so happy with their customer service.

watching: *GOT spoiler alert coming so scroll past if you don’t want spoilers*
I finished watching GOT this past week. *sigh* I still am feeling the emotions over it, and I miss it already. I loved this show, so many of the episodes were movie quality. The actors were phenomenal, I liked so many of these characters. Sir Davos, Sir Jorah, Lady Brienne, even Jaime Lannister…and I’m glad Theon finally redeemed himself.

I wasn’t too happy with the ending though. Jon should have gotten that damn throne and he should have wanted it and gone for it. I liked Dany at first but she got totally out of control. And when they killed her two dragons and the Night King turned Viserion into one of the undead omg. I hadn’t even imagined something like that was coming. The series had such awesome special effects.

It’s too much to get into it all but I will say Arya was my top favorite character second to Jon, I liked how her storyline went and that she became a fighter. I had to suspend disbelief for the last season though. There is no way in HELL that the Dothraki and the Unsullied would have let Jon Snow live after he killed Daenerys.

I’ll be watching House of the Dragon but for now I can’t even watch anything yet lol. I have a major series hangover now after nothing but GOT since early January.

Also of note, I went with my mom to a Marc Anthony concert last Saturday night for the first time since the pandemic hit. We drove over 2 hours to and from the venue in Atlantic City Saturday evening and we didn’t get home until nearly 3am Sunday morning. (Me whose usually in bed by 8:30pm with my book, my tea and rain ambience playing but not if Marc Anthony’s in town.) I’ve been Marc Anthony obsessed since I was 17 years old. My mom and I have gone to so many of his concerts the past 20 years we’ve lost count. We always go together, it’s our little tradition.

That wraps up my updates this week. I hope you enjoy your weekend. What are you reading/watching?
I’ll close with a favorite Marc Anthony song. This is my ringtone. 🙂

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is available for download. The photos here are my own and not be to be removed from this post.