Freefall into Us by Tess Rosa Ruiz

source: free review copy via NetGalley
title: Freefall into Us
author: Tess Rosa Ruiz
published: Urbane Publications (November 1, 2015)
pages: 304
genre: poetry/short stories
rated: 4 out of 5 stars

Tess Rosa Ruiz is a powerful new voice on the American literary scene, redolent of Kerouac and Rollins in a battle of words. Freefall into Us is a compelling collection of unique poetry and prose that provides an emotional mosaic of the path of relationships. This is a raw and visceral insight into how women and men desire, need, want and ultimately love each other in the most beautiful, passionate and honest ways. The carefully structured flow of poetry and short stories provides the reader with a constantly challenging and engaging snapshot of humanity, leading them through different stages of desire, sex, lust, obsession and passion in adult relationships. These are the feelings we have all felt, but are often afraid to voice. Freefall into the words and perhaps, just perhaps, you’ll recognize a piece of you.

my thoughts:
Freefall into Us took me nicely by surprise. I requested this one through NetGalley not having heard of this author before.
This collection combines two of my favorite things, poetry and short stories. I savored each piece like I would a decadent morsel of chocolate. If that sounds clichéd I just do not care because it is the truth.

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R.I.P. X Peril of the Short Story: Berenice by Edgar Allan Poe

source: personal copy
title: Berenice
author: Edgar Allan Poe
published: 1835
first line: MISERY is manifold.

My thoughts:
Berenice is a favorite short story by the master of macabre, Edgar Allan Poe.

How is it that from beauty I have derived a type of unloveliness? – from the covenant of peace, a simile of sorrow? But as, in ethics, evil is a consequence of good, so, in fact, out of joy is sorrow born.

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