Knight on the Texas Plains by Linda Broday

CVR Knight on the Texas Plains

source: free ARC courtesy of SourceBooks
title: Knight on the Texas Plains (Texas Heroes book 1)
author: Linda Broday
pages: 352
published: August 1, 2017
genre: western historical romance
first line: The journey between yesterday and tomorrow dragged slowly, sometimes taking Duel McClain places he’d just as soon avoid.
rated: 4 out of 5 stars

He’ll do whatever it takes
To keep them safe

Duel McClain has lost everything he’s ever loved: his wife, his son, his sense of self. But when a strange twist of fate―and a poker game he’ll never forget―leaves an innocent little girl in his care, Duel vows to defend his new family to his very last breath. If only he knew a single thing about taking care of babies…

Just as Duel swears his life can’t get any more complicated, a beautiful woman stumbles into the light of his campfire, desperate for help. Jessie Foltry is hungry, tired, and running for her life. She agrees to help Duel care for the child in exchange for his protection, even as she fights to guard her broken heart. But Duel will do whatever it takes to make Jessie see that the Texas plains have more than one kind of knight, and perhaps their salvation is closer than either of them could have dreamed…

My thoughts:

Knight on the Texas Plains  kicks off Linda Broday’s Texas Heroes series, very nicely if I might add. This is the type of romance that easily sweeps you away. Duel McClain’s wife and child are gone and he is brokenhearted. One day after winning a poker game he winds up with a baby girl. I know it sounds weird, but the baby’s father is horrific and Duel wins the baby in the card game. Unable to leave the poor little girl behind, Duel figures he will take her back home with him and give her to his sister and her husband to raise, thereby saving her.

While traveling back to his hometown of Tranquility, Texas, Duel runs across Jessie Foltry. Jessie is running for her life, she’s battered and traumatized. Seeing how hurt she is, Duel convinces Jessie to help him take care of Marley Rose for the time being and the three set off. Once Duel gets into town with Jessie and the baby, he is reminded that Jessie might be looked at as a harlot if the townspeople know that she is living with him out of wedlock. So of course, Duel proposes to Jessie for the sake of her reputation.

She’d never known such a man or this kind of love; life didn’t play fair. And it certainly had no sense of humor. It seemed strange to give her this great gift if she couldn’t keep it.
74% Nook e-reader, Knight on the Texas Plains by Linda Broday

I fell for this story-line hook, line and sinker. The baby girl in need of a home, brokenhearted Duel McClain who lost his wife and baby in childbirth and Jessie Foltry who is a domestic abuse survivor. These three needed each other and fate brought them together and it was a sweet story.

Jessie’s back story was a sad one, but she stood strong during a time period when women were seen as property and she could hang for defending herself against her husband’s abuse. As the story-line flows, Jessie is a wanted woman and she is fearful she might actually be hanged. I liked that she was honest with Duel and vice-versa and the two always communicated well. There were no lies between them and they really cared about each other. Jessie told him exactly why she was on the run and Duel was there to help her, without wanting anything in return. They fall for each other of course and it was nice seeing it all unfold with a few plot twists along the way. I loved the way Marley Rose wins him over too, it was cute.

I also liked how Duel was a perfect gentleman with Jessie and the way he showed respect and love for his late wife’s memory. Jessie is afraid Duel won’t love her the same way, but he assures her of his feelings. He’s definitely the knight in shining armor type but I liked that the heroine saved herself first, and he saved her after that.

The writing flowed perfectly and as I said I was swept away as I read. If you are looking for sweet Western historical romance with a HEA, look no further.

The gentle rhythm of her heartbeat seemed the only sound in the universe. If love had a sound, surely this would be it. The quick beating of two hearts in tune with unheard music.
55% Nook e-reader, Knight on the Texas Plains by Linda Broday

Author Linda Broday stopped by recently for a guest post which was really nice, click here to read it.
This one wraps up nicely and book 2 is called The Cowboy Who Came Calling and is due out in early February of 2018.

About the Author
Linda Broday resides in the panhandle of Texas on the Llano Estacado. At a young age, she discovered a love for storytelling, history, and anything pertaining to the Old West. Cowboys fascinate her. There’s something about Stetsons, boots, and tall rugged cowboys that get her fired up! A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Linda has won many awards, including the prestigious National Readers’ Choice Award and the Texas Gold Award. She blogs regularly at Visit her at -quoted from

Disclaimer: This review is my honest opinion. I did not receive any kind of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. I received my free review copy of Knight on the Texas Plains by Linda Broday via Sourcebooks.

20 thoughts on “Knight on the Texas Plains by Linda Broday

  1. Hi Bookworm…..I’m blessed by your kind words. This story was so deeply personal and inspired by a true event in my childhood when I learned the girl I played with was won in a poker game. Although I was only about eleven or twelve, I knew that was so wrong. The man and woman who had her did not give her a good home like Duel did Marley. My friend used to cry and tell me one day she was going to find her real parents and ask them why they couldn’t love her. I vowed to to give her a happy life even if it was in fiction. Duel filled the role perfectly. I never knew what happened to her. One day she just disappeared. I hope she did find some happiness. This had such a profound effect on me that I never forgot her.

    You might like to know that Book #2 of this series – The Cowboy Who Came Calling – will come out this Feb. It features Duel’s brother, Luke. Then in July Book #3 releases – Marley’s story when she’s grown up and learns the secret Duel has kept all these years. She’s shattered to know she was won in a poker game. I think this might be the most powerful story I’ve ever written.

    Thank you again for seeing the “heart” of this story. I’m glad it touched you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Linda,

      As this genre isn’t one I tend to read too often, I was on the point of dismissing it as one to add to my own list.

      However, after reading your lovely words and heartfelt sentiments in this lovely guest comment, I feel humbled and grateful to you for sharing the experience.

      So many terrible things happen in this world, which we know nothing about until someone speaks out and in and ideal eutopia, none of these things should, or would happen. However this is a truly personal way of telling your friend’s story and getting the message out there.

      I see that you live in Texas and hope that you are keeping safe in the terrible storm you are having right now. We only get soundbite news coverage, here in the UK and I can’t begin to really imagine what you must be going through.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Good morning, Yvonne. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate your concern about the hurricane and flooding but I’m separated by hundreds of miles. It would be rare for it to come up to the Texas panhandle.

        I’m happy that you took time to read the post and awesome review. Also my comment about my young playmate inspiring this story. I still vividly recall those days and her torment. It left a deep scar on my heart. I hope you give the book a try.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Linda, thank you for stopping by and for your wonderful comments.
      Oh wow, how sad for your friend! I wonder if she ever found her parents. I love that you based Marley on her and gave her a happy ending, it makes me like the book even more now. Yes, I saw the second book is based on Luke. Sounds like another great one! And I like that the third will feature an adult Marley. It’s nice the story will come full circle like that.
      Best of luck with your work and thanks very much again! I’m honored you stopped by.


  2. I think winning a baby in a poker game is not that unrealistic. Even in our time we hear of cases where parents sell children or gamble them away. It is horrific and sad. It was probably even more common in the past.

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    • Hi Brian, interesting point you make and the author’s comments here show us it was common like you mention. She based Marley’s character on a childhood friend who was won in a poker game. What a horrible thing, I never thought of a scenario like that before reading this book.
      Enjoy your week.


    • Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment, Brian. I totally agree with you about how we hear about these things even today. I think society tends to push it under the rug a little bit. They don’t want to think of what kids are having to go through. Same with animal abuse. Both made me mad as hell and if I can shine a light on it, I certainly will.

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  3. Duel sounds like such a great character! I haven’t read too many western romances, but not for lack of wanting to. This sounds like a great book. Both heartbreaking and inspiring. And then to know the child in the book was inspired by a real life situation . . . How awful. I hope the girl has a good life now as well.

    Thank you for bringing this one to my attention! I am adding it to my wish list.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Wendy. This was a great read. I know, how sad is that? It makes the book a little bittersweet now knowing Marley was based on a real character. I hope it turned out well for the real life Marley.
      Enjoy your week lady!


  4. Hi Naida,

    I had been going to comment on your thoughtful review, but say that this book probably isn’t one for me, as it is a bit too romantic and ‘cheesey; for my taste.

    However, it just goes to show that you shouldn’t make judegements until you know all the facts and after reading the authors great mini guest post above, who couldn’t fail to be moved by both the story and her motive for writing the story.

    Thanks for sharing and ‘Happy Weekend’ 🙂


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