Interview with Nancy Warren author of The Vampire Knitting Club

Hello everyone, please join me in welcoming Nancy Warren to my blog today as she stops by to answers a few interview questions. I am thrilled to have her! I read her book The Vampire Knitting Club and enjoyed it very much. It is the start of a paranormal cozy series set around a knitting store in Oxford.


Book Details:
Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Published by: Ambleside Publishing
Publication Date: September 2018
Number of Pages: 250

Purchase Links: Amazon Goodreads

Please read on for the interview….

Welcome to my blog Nancy and thank you for stopping by. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thank you for having me! I’m a Canadian, originally from Vancouver, though I’ve lived mainly in the UK for the past few years. Last year I got my MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa university. Our classes were held in Corsham Court, a Tudor manor house with peacocks on the lawn. It was magical. (Also the setting for Rafe Crosyer’s home, which we visit in book 2, Stitches and Witches.) I’ve always been an avid reader and I love to travel.

You are a USA Today bestselling author of more than sixty novels, what inspired you to pen a paranormal series with a knitting and crochet theme?

There was a time when literary mash-ups were very popular. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and so on. I thought, what if you crossed The Friday Night Knitting Club with True Blood, and came up with The Vampire Knitting Club, which I thought was funny, but I had no story. When I was living in Oxford it all came together. Oxford’s so old and full of dark lanes and secret corners that it lends itself to mystery. Look how many mystery novels and TV shows are set there. Plus, the idea of vampires knitting just appeals to me. I think they must get so bored and knitting and crochet are wonderful hobbies that you can do all night.

I am an avid crocheter, so when I saw the Vampire Knitting Club series I was immediately intrigued. The covers are fantastic. Do you knit and or crochet?

I LOVE the covers. Lou Harper of Cover Affair did them and I think she knocked it out of the park. I used to crochet a lot, but it’s been a few years. I took up knitting in order to write this series and I love it, though I’m not very good. Fortunately, Lucy, the woman who inherits the knitting shop, is a beginner too, so we’re learning together.

What is your writing process?

I set myself writing targets—day, week, month. I’m pretty good at hitting my targets, though I wish I were better organized. I’m always impressed by people who write from 9 a.m. until noon, then do marketing in the afternoon, or whatever their schedule is. I’m a bit all over the place and I may end up working until two in the morning to get my words done, but I started my career in newspapers and that teaches you to hit deadlines. I make sure to schedule in holidays, partly because I love to travel, but also to avoid burnout.

Who are your favorite authors and what strikes you about their work?

I have so many! In mystery, I love Rhys Bowen, Janet Evanovich, Jane De Leon, Patricia McLinn, HY Hanna, Angela Pepper and some of the historical mystery authors like Jacqueline Winspear and Charles Todd. I like books that are funny, if it suits the characters, and I enjoy a clever puzzle. My very favourite author is Jane Austen and I remember seeing P.D. James (another favourite author) interviewed when she said that Emma is a perfect mystery. I love that!

What do you want your readers to take away from your books?

The Vampire Knitting Club series of books aren’t meant to be taken seriously. I think they’ll appeal to readers who enjoy knitting and crochet, mysteries, cats and can suspend disbelief to imagine a nest of bored vampires living beneath a knitting shop and helping solve mysteries. If I can give readers a few hours of entertainment, and maybe a chuckle or two, I’ve done my work!

Thank you so much Nancy! Your classes in Corsham Court sound wonderful and how great that you were able to incorporate that into this series. I look forward to reading more!

Thank you!



Author Bio:

Nancy Warren is the USA Today bestselling author of more than 60 novels including the Toni Diamond cozy mystery series.

She shares her time between Victoria, British Columbia, and Bath in the UK

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13 thoughts on “Interview with Nancy Warren author of The Vampire Knitting Club

  1. Thanks so much for having me today, and for your excellent questions. I had fun answering them. I hope everyone’s having a great weekend. I’m visiting friends in California where it’s just sad to see so many fires. The air here is so smokey I don’t even want to go outside. So much for my plan to sit and soak up some sun! I’m hard at work on book 4 of The Vampire Knitting Club, which comes out Nov 28. Best, Nancy

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  2. Hi Naida and Nancy,

    What a lovely Guest Post, with some excellent questions and answers which I can so readily relate to, how can I not give this series a try, even though I am not a fan of vampire stories!

    My ideal job would be to either work in / own a book shop or a wool shop, or preferrably one which combines the two. I can both knit and crochet, although both to fairly basic levels and nothing as amazing as some of the creations Naida produces.

    Oxford was our nearest shopping centre when we lived in Carterton (hubbie was based at R.A.F. Brize Norton), so I know all those little hidden lanes and alleyways you describe.

    We now live in Frome, which is a short drive from both Corsham (I know Corsham Court well) and Bath (both of my god-children earned their degress from Bath Spa University).

    I have run features on several of Rhys Bowen’s books and have just been commissioned to promote her latest release ‘The Victory Garden’

    It is definitely a small world, thanks again for some lovely reading 🙂


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    • Thank you Yvonne, and yes what a small world that your god-children went to the same university as the author. and that you know the areas she is describing in the book. I would love to visit the U.K. someday. How nice would it be to own and book or wool shop?? A dream come true.
      I have heard of Rhys Bowen’s books, enjoy them!
      And have a nice week 🙂


  3. I have this on my TBR. I’m curious to see how much knitting is in story. If you both aren’t on already, get on Ravelry – a FB-like site for those who knit, crochet, dye yarn, weave yarn, and spin yarn. There are free patterns and patterns to buy + groups to join and an online notebook you can use to keep track of your projects, yarn stash, and needles.

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  4. Will there be more The Vampire Knitting Club books…I just finished book # 13 ( I started at book #1 and went all the way through to the last)


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