Really Random Tuesday October 6: Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit Or Have Quit


October 6: Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit Or Have Quit (aka ten book series I think I’m going to abandon, ten bookish habits I want to quit, ten authors I quit reading, ten types of books I’m quitting, ten tropes I want to stop reading about, ten books I marked as DNF (did not finish) recently, etc. Get as creative as you want)
A photo of some of my books.

1. I need to stop buying books that I know I will just shelve for “reading later”.
I know from experience that later never gets here and there is no time like the present.

2. I need to stop buying books on a whim. The last book I bought on a whim was a classic I already had on my shelves. I tend to do that, I buy multiple copies without realizing it because I am apparently slightly crazy.

3. I need to stop browsing Barnes and Noble on my Nook because it is way too easy to purchase e-books with the click of a button. It does not matter that they are on sale, that does not mean I have to buy them.
20131208_110327 (800x600)
On my shelves. 

4. I need to take it easy on the Net Galley browsing. The minute I look on there, I find several books I just need to read. And God bless you Bookouture, for giving me auto-approved status.

My most recent book through them was One Wish in Manhattan by Mandy Baggot.
Do you see my dilemma here?

5. One bookish thing I stopped doing was taking so many book review requests and doing so many virtual book tours and book hops. That was taking up way too much of my time and making book blogging more of a chore than anything else for me. I am so glad I stepped away from that.

6. I need to stop requesting so many books via AmazonVine. I am a happy Vine reviewer and have found great books through the program, but after my latest book requests, I am going to be very selective. Requesting books through them makes for more time constraints and pressure to read and review, which can take the fun out of reading.

IMG_20130806_192101 (1)
My main bookcase.

7. I need to put my cell phone away and read instead on my lunch break at work. Lately I have been getting lost in my cell phone and on social media, i.e. Facebook and Instagram instead of getting my reading time in on my break.

My Nook on my lunch break.

That about sums it up for me. I don’t think I need to reach to number 10 on this list.

What about you? What are bookish things you might want to quit?

Nothing here is available for download. I took these photos myself.

16 thoughts on “Really Random Tuesday October 6: Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit Or Have Quit

  1. Your #1 is how I cut way back on my book buying habits–although since getting an e-reader, it’s often hard to pass up the occasional 1.99 sale, which goes along with your #3. And number #4, oh my goodness do I ever need to lay off Edelweiss and NetGalley.

    Can I just say how #7 will make you so much happier? Maybe it’s just me, but when I read at lunch time, it improves my mood–for a short time, I get to relax into my book and all is right with the world. When I get on my phone, I feel so much less relaxed. I really want to apply that to other moments in my life. It’s so easy to pick up my phone and check my e-mail, Twitter or Facebook and then get lost in them for too long when I could be reading.

    Great list!

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    • Hi Literary, yes, those e-book sales are hard to pass up. Totally agree, getting lost in my cell phone happens easily and does nothing to relax my head. Instead, there is so much going on with social media, etc, that I then can sometimes start to feel rushed to ‘like’ and ‘reply’ to posts and comments…etc.
      Happy weekend!


  2. I agree with so many of these but especially booking reviews. I’ve stepped back as well. I’ve gotten to the point where the pressure of having to have a book read and reviewed on a certain day is driving me crazy. With issues at home and such I don’t feel like having that obligation. I’ve also stepped back on NetGalley and Edelweiss books. A person can only read so many books plus I’ve really gravitated to audiobooks in the last year. Either way I think we’ll be happier stepping back a bit and relaxing and remembering that it’s our love of reading that’s important.

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  3. Naida, thanks for doing RRT/Top Ten Tuedsay (a terrific combo)! I can definitely relate to all the items on your list. My reading has suffered because of distractions, such as my phone, as well. I can definitely relate to your list. I wish there were more hours in each day. Sigh! :0

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  4. Ugh- I need to stay away from NetGalley myself! Seriously….so many books! I am also hoping to sign up for less blog tours but I have to admit that so many of them sound so darn good that it makes it VERY hard for me 🙂 Great post Naida!


  5. I’m with you on most of the things you’ve pointed out on your list. 🙂 Too many books and so little time! I’m hoping I’ll cut down some time on social media and games too but they can be so addictive!


  6. Hi Naida,

    I do try and read a little each morning, whilst eating my breakfast. However that is just never going to make a dent in all the books I have promised to read and the back-log of reviews I have to write. I don’t really get a break during the day and my evenings, after I have finished dinner and any other chores, is pretty much taken up with blogging and replying to comments – I just can’t so “no” to review requests, although I now no longer guarantee a review date, so the publisher or author has a choice as to whether to continue with the request or not.

    I have definitely cut back on the amount of NetGalley surfing I do and the amount of Goodreads Giveaways I request. I also tend to try and avoid bookshops, as I just know that’s a recipe for disaster!

    I very rarely buy an e-book either, so I should be half way there …. In my dreams!!

    It will be interesting to see if you manage to stick to the plan 🙂

    Have a good week,



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