Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 8/19/18: On Re-Reading Books, BBQ etc.

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Good morning and happy Sunday. Where is August going so quickly? We had rain pretty much all week again here and the humidity feels gross. Last Saturday’s dinner plans were canceled because of the flash flooding. This weekend we went to a food festival and decided to go rain or shine and lucked out with rain showers for about 40 minutes or so while we were eating under the tented area so it worked out. This upcoming week it looks like it will be clearing up hopefully. Also, thank you for your input on my commenting question on my last updates post. It seems a few others have also had the issue with the comments going to spam or needing to be approved.

Onto my updates….

This week on the blog:
I reviewed Sister of Mine by Laurie Petrou which was a great psychological thriller. I recommend.

In My Mailbox:
I received an ARC of Dinner Party by Tracy Bloom via Bookouture. I read No-one Ever Has Sex on Christmas Day by this author this past January and I enjoyed it so I’m looking forward to reading this one.

Beth, Sarah and Marie have been friends forever. Now they are grown up, with busy lives, busy husbands, busy kids… but they still find time to meet up over dinner once a month. A cosy, comfortable gathering of happy couples – or so they thought.

Until one night, someone brings along a last-minute guest whose wife has just left him.

Simon is standing on the doorstep in floods of tears. While the women do their best to console him, their husbands feel the need to mark their territory.

And as Simon becomes more involved with the group, his presence changes everything these three couples thought they knew about each other, leading to a final dinner party that no-one will ever forget.

I’m back to my re-reading of  Needful Things by Stephen King. I started re-reading this one in mid-May but then set it aside on and off again for review reads and other books and it’s time to get back in and finish this one. I’m more than halfway through it. At over 790 pages long it’s more like 3 books in one.

Which brings me to this….which I found on Instagram. Very true:

Do you re-read your favorites? Or is once enough? I’m definitely a re-reader. I feel like it’s comforting knowing a book is going to be good. 


I’ve been hooked on 90 Day Fiance for a few seasons. It’s a guilty pleasure, I’ve got my hubby watching with me as well lol. His reactions are funny because he is old school, he’s not online at all, no social media so it’s beyond him how people meet and how some fall in love online. He cannot believe it. Does anyone watch this show?

I’ll close with picks of the BBQ/food festival we drove out to this weekend. Good food and live music made for a nice day out with family. We got lucky with the weather because it rained while we were eating under the tented area, but then the skies cleared for the rest of the day and into the evening there. August has been such a rainy month.

IMG_2036 (412x550)
There were over 60 food vendors there with mainly BBQ but there was other stuff like Kettle corn, funnel cakes, wine stands, moonshine and bourbon stands, all kinds of fun things to see and try plus some free samples too to tempt.

IMG_2037 (550x413)
We got the family platter, my favorite were the pulled pork sandwiches and corn bread.

IMG_2038 (413x550)
The Blackberry Sangria Slushee was very yum and refreshing. There was an 80’s and 90’s cover band as well as a Led Zeppelin tribute band which was fun to watch and listen while walking around seeing the different food vendors. All in all, it turned out to be a really fun day.


And last but not least, a favorite with Aretha Franklin and George Michael. xo Enjoy your weekend, what are you up to? What are you reading or -re-reading?


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38 thoughts on “Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 8/19/18: On Re-Reading Books, BBQ etc.

  1. I have a few favourites which I would love to reread, however there are just so many new books and authors arriving on the scene every day, that I just can’t justify the time.

    I have found a couple of books that I reviewed on a now defunct blogging site called ‘Bookarmy’ and before I began my blog. As the original reviews were relatively short and sweet, I am having to skim through the books for a second time, just to refresh my memory, so that I can write informed and slightly more lengthy Goodreads style reviews – so I am not technically counting them as re-reads.

    We have had such a spell of good weather, that we agreed to a very long drive today, to be the guests of friends at a beach front air show and firework display. We arrived early before them and took advantage of the morning sunshine for a long walk along the promenade. Unfortunately, the weather closed in big time and all flying was cancelled, so after enjoying a light lunch in the hospitality tent, we headed home. A very long and tiring day just for lunch, but the company and conversation were good.

    Aretha Franklin was very much a singer from my era and her larger than life personality and amazing voice, will be sadly missed. I love your choice of song – one of my personal favourites 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Yvonne, isn’t that funny looking back on the older reviews? I’ve done that before mainly on goodreads or librarything. Some of mine were very short too. I know what you mean about re-reading taking up time, I’m in the middle of almost an 800 page King Re-read and it has been time consuming but worth it.

      That’s too bad the flying was cancelled but at least you had the lunch and good company. This weather has been so rainy, I don’t even want to think what the winter will bring.

      I love that song by Aretha Franklin and George Michael also 🙂

      Enjoy your week!


  2. I love food festivals and I love Barbecue. This pictures look so good. I am also not looking forward to the end of summer.

    I have not read Needful Things. Some day I am going to catch up on at least some of the Stephen King books that I missed over the years.

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  3. The food festival sounds like a lot of fun. I wish we could have gotten some of the rain. Especially with all of our fires. It’s been a terrible summer in that regard. There’s always some sort of unwanted weather somewhere, no matter the kind, I suppose. I’ve never heard of 90 Day Fiance. Sounds like an addicting show. 🙂

    I am not much of a re-reader, I’m afraid. I can count the number of books I have re-read on one hand–unless you count children’s books.

    I hope you have a great week, Naida!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Wendy, the food festival was very good. I have seen those fires on the news, that’s very scary.
      90 Day Fiance is addictive…lol…we watched it last night.
      Enjoy your week too!


  4. Hope the rain/ flooding is done with and you get a break this week! And oh my gosh Dinner Party looks like a lof of fun. 🙂

    That Instagram ha ha!

    Mmm that food looks awesome!

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  5. I would love the food festival! I’m definitely not a re-reader. Too many books I haven’t read that I want to.
    I can’t think of a song Aretha sang that I didn’t like. She had a gift and I’m glad she shared it. She’ll be missed.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sigh. I wish I’ve some time for some re-reading but I’m so overwhelmed with library books and my TBR pile as well. Hopefully one day soon but I doubt so, lol.

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  7. What fun at the festival. Glad you guys were able to enjoy despite the weather! Ok, I can’t wait to read your review of Dinner Party because that sounds like it’s going to be a good one! Hope you have a great week ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Naida, I’ve been out of town so am catching up with my blogging now. I’m glad you enjoyed the BBQ/Food Festival. As you know, I enjoy eating, and photographing food, too.
    I would love to re-read books more often. Perhaps I have too many books though. 90 Day Fiancé sounds like fun. 🙂

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