Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 10/14/18: Book Updates, Crochet, Baking Etc.

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Good morning everyone, October is in full blast around here and I’ve been enjoying the nice Fall days as much as I can. I have finally accepted the fact that summer is gone for now and cooler weather has arrived. I like all the pretty colors Autumn brings so it has been nice. I took the picture above yesterday while we were out walking.

On the Blog…

Mailbox Monday:
Creatures of Want and Ruin by Molly Tanzer arrived recently. It has a strange and interesting premise and this is not an author I had ever heard of before.

Finished Reading:
I read and reviewed: A Precious Jewel by Mary Balogh which was really nice regency romance that reminded me of Pretty Woman.

Currently Reading:
I am reading Rebecca which is deliciously atmospheric as part of Fraterfest. I might not finish it by the 16th but the challenge has been a nice incentive to read it.


Coming Soon:

This Saturday October 20th is Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon so I want to finish Rebecca by the end of this week for sure so I can start fresh for the read-a-thon. I don’t know what book I will be reading yet. I am leaning towards reading something scary or a thriller so I will probably go that route. Maybe King.

Also, I typed up a post of my top 10 favorite scary books so that will be coming up later this week.

I am still watching creepy paranormal documentaries like A Haunting and Paranormal Survivor and I catch scary films when they are on like the original Halloween. I am looking forward to seeing the new Halloween film too.
Also of note, the new Pet Sematary film is coming. I feel it’s unnecessary but I have to watch it anyway when it is released. Is anyone excited for this one?

I finished up another cowl using ombre yarn from RedHeart which I really like. I like the colorways on these yarns very much.


And finally, we went apple picking recently and I baked an apple cake using this recipe.

I haven’t baked in a while and it was nice to make something homemade again. My apple cake didn’t come out as pretty as the one on the recipe page but it was really yummy. I want to use the recipe again, everyone really liked it. I like that it is simple and not too sweet, perfect with tea.

That’s my updates for now. Enjoy your weekend. What have you been up to? What are you reading?


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22 thoughts on “Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 10/14/18: Book Updates, Crochet, Baking Etc.

  1. I am looking forward to reading about what you have to say about Rebecca. My wife read it and liked it a lot. I have been thinking of reading it. Very cool that you are participating in the Read – a – thon. One of these years I would like to join in. Things may be a bit too busy this year.

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  2. After me keep going on about how wonderful ‘Rebecca’ is, I do hope that you enjoy it to the very end. Then you really should watch one of the film adaptations. I still think that the original 1940 black and white version with Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier, was the most atmospheric.

    I love the pretty pink cowl, but although I like the warmth around my neck, I can’t do anything with all that material without feeling as though I am being strangled – gloves, hats, scarves, they all have that same claustrophobic effect on me.

    Mother-in-law is busy knitting small cot sized blankets for the premature baby unit at the hospital and some of them are so pretty. Me, my crochet needles and wool are stacked all over the place, but are sitting idle still. However, with the onset of autumn / winter, I aim to make sure they see some action this year!

    Good luck with the Saturday read-a-thon, although I am not so sure that you need to search for a book. After checking out author Molly Tanzer and her writing, I would think that ‘Creatures Of Warmth & Ruin’, should fit the bill of spooky, quite nicely 🙂

    Have Fun and hope to catch up with you final reading choices, when it is all over 🙂


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    • Hi Yvonne, I finished up Rebecca this past week and will be sharing my thoughts on it. I need to watch the Laurence Olivier one then.
      Thank you, I am a fan of cowls and scarves but I can understand them feeling claustrophobic. Hopefully you get to your crocheting.I am sure your mother in laws knitting is pretty, I love how knitted stitches look.
      Thank you, I will be reading at least one full book today I have promised myself. I found one that will do nicely.
      Enjoy your weekend 🙂


  3. That apple cake looks delicious! I’ll have to see if my husband wants to make that for us. And, love the yarn you used for the cowl. I didn’t realize there was a new Pet Sematary movie out. I’ve got to watch that. We are finally starting to cool off so I’m excited to get out my warmer clothes.

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    • Hi Iliana, I’ve made two apple cakes, one on Saturday and one on Sunday were both eaten up here pretty quickly. I will probably make one tomorrow again. The new Pet Sematary comes out early next year, I want to watch it.
      Enjoy your weekend and the cooler weather!


  4. Happy Sunday, Naida! We lost electricity on Friday night due to a crazy storm, so I am behind in my blogging.

    The apple cake looks absolutely scrumptious! I love love love the cowl. The color is gorgeous and the stitches are perfect. I almost watched the older version of Pet Sematary the other night, but was too scared to do so, as I was home alone.

    Have a terrific week ahead!

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    • Hi Susan, oh wow, glad the electricity is back. I made two apple cakes last weekend, it is really yummy and easy to make. Thank you, I like the cowl too 🙂
      I don’t like to watch scary stuff when I am home alone either lol. Too scary!
      Enjoy your weekend !


  5. I’ve always wanted to read Rebecca and I think I have a copy on my bookshelf. We’ve been apple picking too and I baked apple pies with lots of cinnamon! I love the look and color of your cowl. Not sure if I’ll participate in Dewey this time around but I will up my reading. Enjoy your reading week!

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  6. I just borrowed Rebecca from my mom. I’m a little worried though – the print is really small. I hope I don’t have to buy a new copy anyway.
    I love the cowl – so pretty.

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