Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 4/14/19: Spring, Crochet and Books

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Good morning everyone. Time flies by so fast I can’t believe it is Sunday already. I took Friday off work so it has been a really nice 3 day weekend and the weather has been beautiful here in the 70’s. If you know me, you know I can’t sit still during the nicer months. I especially get Spring fever after the long, cold Winter. I love being outside and going on day trips or scenic drives. We went out to a quaint small town in Pennsylvania this weekend, which was really nice. We spent the day walking through town and going to a few antique and small town shops. We had brick oven pizza by the fireplace in an old historic Inn. I love it when you don’t have to go too far to find hidden gems like that and just enjoy the day.

IMG_8670 (338x450)

Onto my updates…

Recently on the Blog:

I discussed outrageous things I’ve done for the love of books.

Coming soon:
I’m working on my review of Gone Girl .

On April 19th I’ve got a guest post via Poetic Book Tours from Jessica Goody, the author of Phoenix: Transformation Poems.

In My Mailbox:
The Beach House came via Amazon Prime and seems like a nice summer read.

I’ve been hooked on The Act on Hulu which has been disturbing and fascinating. It is based on a true story of a woman who had Munchausen by proxy and fooled her own daughter into believing she was seriously ill most of her life. This story is crazy and sad. If you have access to this show, I recommend! It’s on every Wednesday.

I finished two projects this past week.
My Spring sweater is finished and I love it. I didn’t put ribbing on the collar like I was going to, I decided to just put ribbing on the sleeves. I jotted down my pattern as I went so I definitely want to make another one in the future.
IMG_8770 (338x450)

I already wore it out…
IMG_8769 (401x450)

My shawl is also finished and I really like it. I’ll be using it at the office since the air conditioning is full blast during the warm months.
IMG_8598 (360x450)

IMG_8586 (450x280)

Those are my updates for now. What are you doing, reading, crafting? Enjoy your week!


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44 thoughts on “Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 4/14/19: Spring, Crochet and Books

  1. Happy Sunday, Naida! The sweater and shawl are gorgeous. Things don’t get much better than a pizza by the fireplace with loved ones. The Act sounds (psychologically) fascinating. Enjoy your reading, and have a terrific week ahead! 🙂

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  2. I’ve never had any kind of food by a fire!!!

    One side of pizza is pepperoni, obvi. What is the other side? It looks sooooo goood. Those wood-fire / brick oven / whatever pizzas are my faves.

    Can’t wait for this week’s episode of The Act.

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  3. Hi Naida,

    I think that the rest of your activities this week kinda overhaul the bookish content for me, I hope that’s okay with you?

    Munchausen by proxy has been featured in a few programmes over here, over the past few years and in fact, through work, I used to know a mother who suffered from the syndrome, although we could never really prove anything, or persuade anyone to undertake further investigations. Her case wasn’t particularly bad, but I understand that in some cases, children are undergoing horrendous and life-changing operations, because the health professionals just don’t recognize the signs of MBP in the mother.

    It’s really ironic that, whilst we Brits still visit small towns and villages, all we really crave are the US style massive shopping malls, while you love to browse quaint antique shops and find inns with fireplaces! We will be frequenting one such inn next Saturday, as my family help us to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary, which is on Easter Sunday. We haven’t been to this place before, but know the landlords from a previous establishment they ran very successfully for a number of years. Let’s just hope the food is still of the same high quality.

    Your sweater looks amazing and from how you described the colour in previous posts, I am assuming the picture of you actually modelling it, where it looks a beautiful peach colour, is the most accurate? I absolutely love the yarn and colourways in your shawl. You can either dress it up or down and still look fabulous.

    Have a great week and a lovely Easter weekend. Happy Reading 🙂


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    • Hi Yvonne, glad you enjoyed my updates post, chat away.
      Wow, that is scary about Munchausen by proxy and sad. Yes, that is what happened in the show, the daughter had unnecessary life-changing operations.

      I tend to stay away from the mall at all costs and try to buy online, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. If I do have to get to the mall, I go early or late before closing, when it’s less crowded.

      And Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, that is wonderful! Enjoy the special day and the good food!

      Thank you, the sweater is coral ombre, for some reason it looks pink in some photos.
      Happy Easter and have a nice week!


  4. Your three day weekend sounds so wonderful! I am glad you had a nice time. There is nothing like a brick oven pizza. I will have to watch The Act. My husband and I were just talking last night about the murder and that her mother had Munchausen by proxy. I hadn’t connected the two together though. Your shawl is gorgeous! I hope you have a great week! Take care of yourself.

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    • Hi Wendy. It was a nice weekend here and I love brick oven pizza.
      The Act is disturbing and hard to even imagine that something like that can happen.
      Thanks, I enjoyed crocheting it. Enjoy the week too and happy reading with the little one.


  5. I love how you gave yourself a day and how you already gave your new jumper some mileage. Your town trip sounded lovely; I really like how that crust is all around. I loved The Beach House; I believe I gave it five stars. The writing was wonderful and so real. That picture book made me smile as I remember the days when my little and I would take walks around the neighborhood; the world through a young one’s eyes makes life so much fun and interesting.

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    • I needed that extra day off and it was nice. As soon as I finished my sweater I wore it lol.
      I’m looking forward to reading The Beach House, it seems like it will be a nice summer read.
      Enjoy the week with the kids and happy knitting!


  6. How fun to go on a little getaway! And, your crochet work is beautiful. Love the shawl and sweater! With regards to TV I’m anxiously awaiting the return of Bosch on Amazon Prime. Hope you have a great week ahead!

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  7. The pizza looks scrumptious.
    I enjoyed reading Gone Girl and I’m looking forward to your thoughts on it. And I love the colors of your crocheting projects.

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