R.I.P. XI Peril on the Screen

image by wikipedia, fair use, click here for details

title: The Babadook
genre: psychological drama/thriller
released: 2014
If it’s in a word. Or it’s in a look. You can’t get rid of … The Babadook

My thoughts:
I am a big fan of indie films. Some of my favorite films are independent and you can find me many a weekend watching an indie film on Netflix with my latest crochet project in hand.

When my daughter and I were recently searching for something scary to watch, we found The Babadook. This is a movie about a windowed mom named Amelia who is raising her son Sam. From the get you see Amelia is very stressed and shows signs of depression and even of resentment towards her son.

Sam and Amelia live in their own little world at home and you get a sense at how fragile they are. Amelia is trying to keep it all together raising her son by herself while dealing with his acting out. Sam likes magic tricks and is always trying to get his mom’s attention by performing tricks for her, but Amelia is emotionally distant and exhausted most of the time. She is still grieving the death of her husband.

One day Sam brings home a children’s book for her to read to him at bedtime called “Mister Babadook”. Not too long after reading the book aloud, strange things begin to occur in the house. Let me tell you, I would have packed my bags and hauled it out of there in a New York minute. Alas, Amelia stays in the house, taking some time off work to care for Sam is home due to the problems he caused in school. Sam insists the Babadook is coming, but no one believes him.

Watching this one, it felt as though the Babadook came because of Amelia’s sad state. I felt like it chose her because of her grief. Poor little Sam, his whole world is his mom. He wants to save her from this monster.

I found The Babadook to be terrifying in a quiet and unsettling way. The tension and suspense build up throughout. The film is shot nicely, some of it looked like a storybook nightmare.

I recommend this one to fans of independent films and psychological thrillers that get under your skin as you watch. The ending is left up to interpretation. There is an ending but it is up to the viewer as to what they make of it and as to what the Babadook really is.

This has been part of R.I.P. XI Peril on the Screen.


Disclaimer: These are my honest thoughts on this film. Film poster above is image by wikipedia, fair use, click here for details.

11 thoughts on “R.I.P. XI Peril on the Screen

  1. Hi Naida,

    I used to watch any amount of this genre of film, but these days I seem to find myself unable to view such films and have to walk away from the TV.

    I don’t mind reading the genre quite so much, although the limited edition copies of this pop-up book which were published, would scare most children half to death I should think!

    ‘The Babadook’ film has been relatively well received and is one I shall be making a note of for my brother and sister-in-law, who would be right at home watching it.

    I hope that you are enjoying your weekend so far. Saturday is pretty much over for me now as it is almost 11:30pm, not sure what we are doing tomorrow yet 🙂


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    • Hi Yvonne. It’s funny because when I was in my teens, scary films didn’t bother me. As I got older, I watch peeking through my fingers because they really scare me more now. My daughter on the other hand, is the brave one. She is the only one in the house who will watch scary movies with me so I have good company at least 🙂
      I wouldn’t want this book in my house lol.
      Enjoy your weekend too.


  2. This sounds scary! And, I’m with you, I would have been outta there in a flash. I do enjoy creepy movies so I’m going to try to add one for my RIP challenge too.


  3. I am also fan of independent film. Unfortunately in recent years my film watching in general has been very sparse sue to life being so busy.

    This sounds very good. I tend to like psychological horror the best. Such films can be so very effective.

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  4. I loved this movie! It was creepy, and I was glad I was watching it with my SO, because there were a couple parts where I hid under a blanket. I loved the psychological nature of the plot, and the way that the Babadook wasn’t just a monster, but also a metaphor for Amelia’s struggle with grief. 🙂

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  5. I also find myself watching anything remotely scary through my fingers or better still around the corner of the cushion I’m clutching. Alas this one sounds too dark for me liking but I can see how it is perfect for this challenge.

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