Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 7/21/19: Reading, Watching and Crochet

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Good morning all and happy heatwave Sunday. It’s been a quiet week. And it is really hot out there this weekend with the temps yesterday at 100 degrees but it felt hotter than that. My sister in law came by with her husband and we spent the afternoon in our pool. We ate, we sipped cocktails and just relaxed all the way into the evening. My backyard is shady so you’re not in full sun while you’re out there, or else there’d be no way to spend time out there in this kind of heat. Today there is still a heat advisory and we’re expecting the temps to reach 100 again. It’s a change from last summer when it was very rainy and we didn’t get any heatwaves. I still prefer the summer over the winter though.


Onto my weekly updates….

recently on the blog:
I posted my thoughts on Jack and Jill (Alex Cross Book 3) by James Patterson.

coming soon:
no one
I finished up No-one Ever Has Sex on Holiday by Tracy Bloom so my thoughts on that will be up this week. I like this cover.

in my mailbox:
Crochet in a Day: 42 Fast & Fun Projects arrived via NetGalley a few weeks back before vacation and I never shared it. I’m glad I noticed this one on my Kindle this week and I will post on it soon.

We’ve been watching episodes of Ancient Aliens  which has been interesting but creepy at the same time.

And I’ve been catching up on Love After Lockup which has been my guilty pleasure since I got hooked on it last year. These people are truly nuts.


A5E2C606-B809-4831-A520-8B718B5FC08F (384x650)
Redheart yarns re-posted my crochet photo and included me in their yarn lovers gallery again, which I was super happy about. *yay*

That covers my updates for now. What are you doing? Stay cool and happy reading this week!


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30 thoughts on “Sunday Post/Mailbox Monday 7/21/19: Reading, Watching and Crochet

  1. We’ve had a heat advisory here too, although I know a lot of places have it hotter than we do. People that are dealing with 100’s- yikes!

    Ancient Aliens sounds awesome!

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  2. Naida, it sounds like you had a great weekend, in spite of the heat. A pool day is called for when it is that hot. It’s supposed to cool off soon. Your new crochet book will be fun to read. Have a great week ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the idea of cocktails and shade! We have currently no grass and I’m sober LOL BUT… I have a lovely home non-the-less and books and coffee and God and well, I can’t complain. Good luck on your new projects!

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  4. This week we have experienced the highest temperatures ever recorded in the UK and it was not nice!! At least not for me anyway. The heat, sunshine and me – just don’t get along. I’m much more of a spring and autumn person!!

    The only way I can cope with this level of heat and humidity, is either indoors with the fans on full, or at a push, outside in plenty of shade. If this continues every year, I can see the number of air conditioning installations going through the roof 🙂

    Your crochet book looks amazing and congratulations on getting another picture published – Any news on the Etsy page yet?

    I hope this week has been good for you 🙂


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    • Hi Yvonne, sounds like heatwave weather there too. The air conditioning is a must this time of year.

      Thanks, I was excited about RedHeart. I know, I am so procrastinating with ETSY. Funny you mentioned it too because the last time I went to my town post office a few weeks ago, they know me there and they were asking me about when my shop would re-open….lol. Back in the days I was at the PO pretty much weekly shipping out . Back then, one of the workers there was asking what I was sending out, so I told him about ETSY and my shop and he ended up opening his own shop too. He still has it open, selling name plates.

      Enjoy your weekend 🙂


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